Our breakfast may affect our mental health

American researchers published a study earlier this year in NeuroRegulation finding a connection between what we eat for breakfast and our mental health.

The study was a case study involving a 12-year-old girl. The researchers had participate in 3 different breakfast scenarios, then they measured her brain activity using quantitative EEG.



Sounds of nature can reduce stress levels

Did you know that what you listen to can have a positive impact on your mood and stress levels?

Japanese researchers discovered that listening to sounds from nature can improve our mental health. Participants in their study had to listen to 4 recorded sounds—ocean waves, birds by a stream, thunderstorms, and bird songs—for 10 minutes per song. They also were exposed to 5 minutes of silence. The nature sounds had a positive mental effect on study participants.

Swedish researchers found something similar when they put 40 university students in 4 stressful arithmetic tests.


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