COVID-19 Survivors Struggle Long After Their Isolation Ends

In May 2020, The Washington Post foreshadowed the following: Three months into the coronavirus pandemic, the country is on the verge of another health crisis, with daily doses of death, isolation, and fear generating widespread psychological trauma. 

Fast-forward approximately six months to November 2020, and an article entitled 20 Percent of Patients Who Recover from COVID Are Diagnosed with Mental Illness Within 90 Days appears. 

Mental Health Issues & COVID-19 

The Great Pandemic of 2020 is quickly becoming The Virus that Dictated 2021– this is a reality, not a debate. COVID-19 is not a cold that requires tissues, over-the-counter medicine, and hugs from mom. Nor is it the typical flu that keeps you home from work or school until you feel well enough to return. Along with curious symptoms like the loss of smell and taste, COVID-19 brings a government-regulated quarantine period that demands isolation from people and places. This piece is not a discussion on whether or not isolation is vital for those with COVID-19; this is a conversation about recognizing the crippling consequences of isolation and how best to deal with them. 

Do you exercise at a facility,


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