Autumn’s blog: It’s time to heal

Autumn Stringam, the second person to start on EMPowerplus, recently wrote a blog post on facing her fears.

Two years into my psychiatric recovery, I was still having panic attacks when I drove past the hospital where I had been ‘certified’ and, in my opinion, incarcerated. One day, determined to face the fear of being certified again, I paid for parking, breathed deeply and marched up to the fourth floor. Security let me in. I wandered carefully, eyes down, through the familiar halls that screamed shame and embarrassment for me. Nothing had changed.



An open letter to sadness

Last week, Autumn Stringam wrote an open letter to Sadness on her blog. She discusses sadness and its effect on our lives, how hard it is to let it go and make changes. She points out that even though it’s hard, it’s not difficult.

Autumn is one of the daughter’s of Truehope founder, Anthony Stephan, and she was the second person to try what has since become EMPowerplus. She wrote A Promise of Hope,


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