Drugs, Fear, & Your Christmas Card List ~ There’s Hope for Those Who Suffer

Runny Nose
Rapid heartbeat
Anxiety & Depression
Excessive sweating

Watery eyes
Muscle aches
Increased blood pressure
Insomnia & Fatigue
Panic Attacks

Body aches

This is the abbreviated menu for the withdrawal symptoms associated with Kratom, Morphine, Codeine, Benzo, and Valium, among other pharmaceuticals. According to rehabs.com, “the symptoms of drug withdrawal are perhaps the worst part of the vicious cycle. They keep you trapped in chemical dependency, seemingly ensuring that you’ll never stop taking your drug of choice.”

Although society may like to think of the war on drugs as a battle that happens in dark alleys among people that aren’t found on Christmas card lists, this is not the case. Just a few months ago, an article entitled 42 Addiction Statistics and Facts to Know in 2019 shared a list of devastating truths. Two of these are as follows:

  • Opioid painkillers account for 38.2% of drug overdose fatalities
  • Doctors prescribed 191,218,272 opioid prescriptions in 2017

Drug addiction can and often does happen accidentally.



You’ve Drank Toilet Bowl Cleaner & Admitting It Is the First Step Toward Better Health

Toilet bowl cleaner sloshes around your mouth. Stain, rust, and grease remover slithers down your throat. Snail and slug exterminating solution clings to your insides, wrecking you from the inside out.

This is your reality.

Deny it if you must, but this is the ugly truth for those who drink Coca-Cola. Now, this may be a dramatic way to present the conversation on soda’s unapologetic, destructive nature but dramatic or not, it’s true. Although those adorable Coca-Cola polar bears summon an audible ‘awww’ from me every Christmas season and glass Coca-Cola bottles induce intense feelings of nostalgia that make my heart take a direct hit of the warm and fuzzies,



Negative Body Images: We are Failing Our Youth

Allure asked girls, ages 6 to 18, to talk about body image. Here are a few of their disheartening reflections:

“Honestly, I just don’t really feel comfortable in my own skin sometimes.” She goes on to mention her height and facial structure upsets her and since she can’t change those things, she avoids mirrors. ~ Mia, 11

“I know a term nowadays is slim-thick. So even if some parts of you are slim, other parts of you have to be full.” She shares that the perfectly balanced body,



Perfectionism: Battering Minds, Marriages, & Millenials for Decades ~ It’s Time to Let Scars Show and Missteps Lead the Way

GoodTherapy defines perfectionism as “the need to be or appear to be perfect, or even to believe that it’s possible to achieve perfection.” Medical News Today warns about socially prescribed perfectionism, which is when “individuals believe their social context is excessively demanding, that others judge them harshly, and that they must display perfection to secure approval.” Research links perfectionism to anxiety, depression, suicide (especially among college students), risk of bipolar disorder, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease and among other things,



Quitter’s Day: The Graveyard of New Year’s Resolutions

Research shows that the second Friday of January is the average day by which New Year’s resolution motivation skids to a halt. That day is termed Quitter’s Day.

Wow. The term ‘quitter’ is aggressive. Although it may technically describe what’s happening, the stopping of a behavior, that word summons negativity like a plague summons death.

The American Psychological Association claims 93% of people make New Year’s resolutions. If the majority of those 93% start to throw their New Year’s resolution in the trash by the second week,


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Gummy Vitamins: Less Yabba Dabba Doo, More Yabba Dabba Don’t

“I do not recommend gummy vitamins.”

The moment my children’s dentist said this my mind raced to the container of Flintstones gummy vitamins sitting in my kitchen cabinet, now feeling more like contraband than an amazing start to my children’s day. Although it occurred to me over the years that the gummy vitamins clearly resembled sugary fruit snacks, I gave them to my children diligently every morning because I believe in the power of vitamins and didn’t question the mighty moneymaking machine that is the gummy vitamin train.



Happiness: It’s Not on the Takeout Menu

If my wife would make shorter honey-do lists, I’d be happier.
If my husband would plan more dates, I’d be happier.
If my boss promoted me, I’d be happier.
If I lost weight, I’d be happier.
If my savings account was greater, I’d be happier.
If my children visited more, I’d be happier.
If my kitchen were bigger, I’d be happier.
If I could turn back time and make different choices, I’d be happier.

How many times throughout the day is our hope for happiness placed on a flawed source?



Fear & Food: The Cohabitation that Morphs from Well-Meaning to Destructive

Food is fuel.
You are what you eat.
An apple a day keeps the doctor away.

There are a number of sayings centered around food and although they are often created with the intention of motivating someone to live their best life, they can make people obsess about food in a destructive way.

Many people grow up with an understanding that the food consumed is directly related to the quality of life maintained. School preaches the importance of fruits,



The Question We Ask But Aren’t Ready to Field: How are you?

The bedroom door creaks open, reminding Ava her mom is listening.

“Sweetheart,” mom says, “what’s wrong?”

“Nothing,” her ten-year-old, Ava, says through a forced smile as she walks across her room to hug her mom. “Everything is great. Can we go make pancakes?”

Ava loves her mom. For as long as Ava can remember, her mom has bent over backward to provide everything she needs. From staying up late sewing patches on her jeans to making sure every peanut butter sandwich in her lunch box is crustless and heart-shaped,



Are you ready for the knock at the door?

Like a scientist peering through a microscope’s ocular lens, she focuses her attention on finding alien cells that threaten to invade and destroy.

Like Wonder Woman deflecting bullets with her metal bracelets, she protects the body from viruses and bacteria.

Like the anticipation we felt as children on Christmas Eve, we only miss her when she’s gone.

Who is she, you ask?

She’s your immune system, and understanding her better and giving her what she needs may be all that stands between you and cold and flu season survival.