Autumn’s Effect On Sleep, Anxiety, Depression, & Health

The skyline of burnt orange, rich gold, and rustic red make the trees resemble a chalk drawing that’s so exquisite that you’re afraid to touch it for fear of smudging the image. The pumpkins adorn the thresholds, and the smell of sweet cinnamon is second only to the sights of people sipping apple cider, sitting around the bonfire, and cheering under the Friday night lights. It’s autumn, and your cozy sweaters are ready to report for duty.

The above description of autumn is nostalgic; it’s the description that makes people fall in love with this season. But in between the football games and holiday prep lurks a reality that isn’t as picture-perfect and desirable: Autumn ushers in less sunlight, and this reality has consequences. 

Autumn’s Not-So-Secret Consequences: Cooler Days Cost You

When the days start to shorten, you are affected. “But wait,” you insist. “My pumpkin spice latte gives me life, and I look forward to the pumpkin patch and my cardigans all year!” That all may be true, but you can’t stop the proven biological response your body has to less light. 

The following are a few of these responses that you may relate to:

  1. SLEEP
    • Less light means your pillow and bed call your name earlier than in summer.



Tips & Motivation for Conquering Lactose Intolerance

Not too long ago, I spoke with a 6th grade class about nutrition. When the school bell rang and students filed out of the room, one student stayed behind. “Hi!” I cheerfully greeted her when she walked toward me. 

What she said next floored me. 

She let me know that her bones are too brittle to play sports due to her lactose intolerance. She shared with me that she loves volleyball and all the sports her classmates pursue but that her doctor says her risk of fractured and broken bones are too great to play.



Pumpkins May Love Autumn, But Your Immune System Does Not

The connection between temperature and one’s immune system is about more than just your body signaling sickness with a fever. With autumn’s arrival and winter’s approach, the cooler temperatures and shorter days increase the time spent indoors. And since poorly ventilated indoor areas set the perfect landscape for infectious diseases to spread, it makes sense that as people spend more time indoors, their opportunity to experience an attack on their immune system increases.

In addition to autumn signaling the start to more indoor time,



The American Diet Is Even Worse Than You May Think

It’s a stereotype that we often hear, but it’s also very true: Americans aren’t a very healthy group of people. Over one in three people in the United States are considered obese, and there are only eleven countries in the world that have a higher percentage of obese adults than the USA.

What’s even more shocking (and I use that term loosely) is that a new study was recently published by the Mayo Clinic Proceedings that found that less than 3 percent of Americans live a “healthy lifestyle.”

The standard American day has become one that is built on speed and convenience.



Feeling Higher Levels of Anxiety? It’s Time To Check Your Gut

If you’re feeling more anxious lately, you’re not alone. Reported symptoms of anxiety and depression rose over 5 percent during the 2020 pandemic, and it’s estimated that nearly one in  three adults in the U.S. will experience some sort of anxiety disorder in their lifetime. 

With those numbers, not many people will be too surprised to note an increase in pharmaceutical prescriptions as well; anti-anxiety drugs along with antidepressants have seen a significant increase in prescription rates over the last year,


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An Easy Way To Remember To Take Your Vitamins Every Day

Does this sound familiar? You decide to turn a new nutritional leaf over. An article you read or something you heard or someone you know triggers an epiphany.

“How could you go for this long without taking a daily nutritional supplement?” you ask yourself.

So now, wiser and more committed to your health than ever before, you do your research and purchase a well-known and well-proven nutritional supplement like EMPowerplus Advanced. You faithfully start your day with the supplement for the first few days,



Your Body Needs These 6 Nutrients & Here’s How To Get Them

By definition, the word essential means absolutely necessary. Unfortunately, though, the world thinks of nutrients, even those deemed essential, as optional.

From money spent to time invested, the food receiving the majority of attention and consumption are those laden with fat, sodium, sugar, and so many preservatives that experts find a hard time calling much of what the U.S. eats food.

Decode “Essential” Nutrition, One Essential Nutrient at a Time

There are six essential nutrients that your body can’t make in the quantity it needs.



Control Your Attitude & Brain One Nutrient at a Time

We are a nation in pain with over 264 million people of all ages suffering from depression. For many, a conversation on poor nutrition conjures photos of someone standing on a bathroom scale and staring helplessly at the numbers as they climb higher and higher. But how many people realize the connection between poor nutrition and the brain?

Poor Nutrition Affects More Than Just Your Waistline

Your brain is part of your body, which means that poor nutrition affects it just as much as it affects your waistline.



The Key To Get Better Sleep and Manage Stress: Inositol

You don’t have to suffer. Your COVID-fied stress coupled with the everyday stressors of adulting is manageable. So stop berating yourself for a low resiliency to the pressures of your world. You can’t always control what the world throws at you, but you can and should work to improve your attitude and response to what is thrown.

You Can Quiet Your Mind & Strengthen Your Resilience

Inositol is a nutritional powerhouse. It’s not a vitamin because your body can produce it, but that doesn’t stop many people from referring to it as vitamin B8.



Change Your Perspective on Aging By Changing Your Diet

September is Healthy Aging Month, and it focuses on the positive aspects of aging. In a world that often treats every new wrinkle and every grey hair as a valid reason to panic, it’s refreshing to hear aging embraced as the beautiful and wisdom-fueled journey that it is for so many–and can be for so many more.

Perspective, Mood, & Diet: Their Connection is Undeniable

Aging ushers in experiences, good and bad, that can heighten your perspective of yourself, others,