You Could Prevent Alzheimer’s With Nutrition

Here’s a fact about Alzheimer’s that may surprise you: less than 1% of cases are caused by genetics. That means that over 99% of Alzheimer’s cases are due to an increased presence of risk factors that are related to dementia.

One major risk factor for Alzheimer’s is nutritional deficiency. In fact, recent research out of the University of Wisconsin has shown that 40% of geriatric memory patients were deficient in at least one vitamin that has been linked to brain health.

As with many of the diseases that human beings suffer from, nutrition plays a major factor when it comes to our brain health as well.

Nutrition Can Help Prevent Alzheimer’s

The brain is the most important organ in your body, and it needs your attention just as all of your other organs do. It’s easy to remember to put on sunscreen to protect your skin because your skin is visible; just because you don’t actually see your brain doesn’t mean you don’t need to take care of it, though.

The first step when it comes to brain health is giving it sufficient levels of the vitamins and minerals it requires.


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