Tips & Motivation for Conquering Lactose Intolerance

Not too long ago, I spoke with a 6th grade class about nutrition. When the school bell rang and students filed out of the room, one student stayed behind. “Hi!” I cheerfully greeted her when she walked toward me. 

What she said next floored me. 

She let me know that her bones are too brittle to play sports due to her lactose intolerance. She shared with me that she loves volleyball and all the sports her classmates pursue but that her doctor says her risk of fractured and broken bones are too great to play. This student asked if I could suggest ways to strengthen her bones outside of milk consumption. Her lactose intolerance didn’t just make her say “no thanks” to ice cream; it completely rerouted her dreams.

Can you imagine being 11-years-old and having to think about bone health? Can you imagine how it must feel to sit on the sidelines and watch your friends play sports and make the memories that you can’t? 

This student feels like her body turned on her, and yet, she smiles, asks me for advice, and faces the unfair world with positivity. It is her spirit of optimism and her search for knowledge about bone health that inspired this piece.



An Easy Way To Remember To Take Your Vitamins Every Day

Does this sound familiar? You decide to turn a new nutritional leaf over. An article you read or something you heard or someone you know triggers an epiphany.

“How could you go for this long without taking a daily nutritional supplement?” you ask yourself.

So now, wiser and more committed to your health than ever before, you do your research and purchase a well-known and well-proven nutritional supplement like EMPowerplus Advanced. You faithfully start your day with the supplement for the first few days,



Kindness: Don’t Filter It; Release It

What is free, never-ending, a gift, and key to positive mental health? 

The answer to the above question is kindness.

Since 1998, the world recognizes November 13th as World Kindness Day. The United States, Canada, Japan, Australia, and the U.A.E rally behind this international holiday and use it as a reminder of the importance of kindness in all aspects of life. Countless articles educate and inspire readers to utilize kindness when interacting with others and the world in general.



Losing a Child: The Loss, The Surrender, & Tips to Help

You become the best actress possible.

The Oscar.
The Emmy.
The Golden Globe.

All the awards go to you when you are forced to survive the death of your child.

The Loss

A child’s last heartbeat triggers the deformation of their parents’ hearts.

To lose a child is to lose a piece of yourself forever. The realization that everything– from your morning cup of coffee to your marriage to every relationship and experience in your life–



THE BATTLE OF THE BOWEL Spoiler: Aging is the Underdog

“The first thing to understand is that what goes in is supposed to come out- albeit in a very different form and with some nutrients missing. We eat and drink to sustain our bodies and after the digestive system extracts the necessary ingredients from our ingestion, the wastes are excreted as liquids in urine and solids in feces.”~ Medical University of South Carolina

The above quote is a perfect segway into a conversation about bowel movements and aging. Although it would be nice for bowel movements to treat us with the same consistency and gentleness as they did in our younger years,


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Summer Outings are Not an Excuse to Give Health the Day Off

Sodium-Packed Chips
Sugar-Infused Soda
Icing-Drenched Donuts
Perfectly-Rectangular Poptarts
Fried This
Fried That
Processed This
Processed That

The above represents one typical day of snacking and slurping on a camping trip. It’s not that any of the above items should be banned, it’s that having all the above items in a single trip is a swift uppercut to both your physical and mental health.

As the summer sun calls to families and outside excursions like hiking,



Create a Guilt-Free Zone & Tell Them “Go Play”

“Go play.”

Most adults heard these two words on repeat their entire childhood. They heard them so much so that now when thinking back on their younger years, those two words conjure a smile and feel like a portal to a world they wish they could return.

Independent Play is Crucial in Child Development

Experts agree that independent play, a time when a child plays alone without siblings or parents or anyone else, is crucial to a child’s development. The following are thoughts from a few of those experts:



Destination: Blamesville. Passenger: 1. Baggage: Poor Health

It’s that time of year, again.

Father’s Day is right around the corner, and children everywhere, young and old, are scampering off to find the perfect gift to honor their dad. Some will lean toward tradition with a new tie, some will usher a mischievous grin and chuckle with a gift that summons an inside joke, while others will pull at the heartstrings with a gesture that is emotional and sentimental. With all this thought and love wrapped around fathers in June, it’s no wonder that June is also Men’s Health Month.



PTSD: Wreaking Havoc from the Inside Out

One would think Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Awareness Month would be one of the historically gloomy months. The time after Santa visits and before the flowers bloom. This is not the case. June is PTSD Awareness Month. It’s during the time of year when boats skim the water’s surface while they hold an entourage of people who are elated with their sun-kissed bodies and seemingly have no worries other than how much fuel is in the boat and whether they brought enough snacks and drinks to last until nightfall.



Negativity, Children, & Dr. Seuss: Self-Talk Matters

Muffin top.
Sausage roll.
Cottage cheese.
More wobble than a gobble.
Crescent rolls bursting along its seam.

The negative talk too many people think and say about their body is heartbreaking. There is nothing funny about feeling insecure, and there is nothing heart-warming about someone who makes a joke or spews sarcasm at their own expense.

Words Hold Power

Anxiety Disorders Association of Victoria, Inc. (ADAVIC) was spot on when it said, “Even though you may expect only teenage girls to engage in negative body talk and body shaming,