An Easy Way To Remember To Take Your Vitamins Every Day

Does this sound familiar? You decide to turn a new nutritional leaf over. An article you read or something you heard or someone you know triggers an epiphany.

“How could you go for this long without taking a daily nutritional supplement?” you ask yourself.

So now, wiser and more committed to your health than ever before, you do your research and purchase a well-known and well-proven nutritional supplement like EMPowerplus Advanced. You faithfully start your day with the supplement for the first few days, maybe even a week.

And then you forget one day to take it, which leads to a second day, and eventually, that supplement container collects dust on your shelf.

How to Turn Consuming Supplements Into Your New Normal

First thing’s first: Do not beat yourself up when attempting to form a new habit isn’t easy. Research shows that a person creates a new habit only after 18 to 254 days of engaging in the behavior. This means you need to take a daily nutritional supplement 18 to 254 days in a row before reaching for it becomes instinctual.

To set yourself up for success, introduce pill packs to your life.

Pill packs are a cheap purchase that can bring a new richness to your health. Many pill packs include a label for each day of the week. This labeling allows you to easily see and remember whether or not you took your nutritional supplement each day. And if you happen to purchase a pill pack without the days of the week labeling, simply grab a marker and write the days yourself.

Another way a pill pack can help you turn your effort into an instinctual habit is through its size. Pill packs can fit in your medicine cabinet, beside your toothbrush in the bathroom, next to the spoons in the silverware drawer, and in tons of other places throughout your home.

Whereas the nutritional supplement packaging can be bulky, a pill pack allows you to store supplements where you already instinctually go to every morning, like your toothbrush and toothpaste location. Pill packs also fit easily in bags when traveling.

So set yourself up for success and grab a pill pack for everyone in your family, even children. Remember: Taking a nutritional supplement is an effort worth making and a habit worth forming.

Author: Evelyn Lindell
Certified Health & Wellness Coach