Wound Care is an Inside Job

When you think of a wound, Neosporin and bandaids often jump to the forefront of your mind. But what about amino acids?

“Arginine is a non-essential amino acid that appears to enhance wound repair and immune function. Arginine supplementation in surgical patients results in higher collagen deposition, protein accumulation, and immune activity compared to controls.” ~ nata.org

“Immunonutrition is already known to decrease wound complications, and there is evidence which suggests that in certain circumstances, it improves the process and efficiency of wound healing. Optimizing nutrition and providing immunonutrients in the correct settings may ultimately provide improved clinical outcomes with regard to decreased wound complications, decreased duration of wound healing, and lower clinical costs associated with wound care.” ~ ncbi.nlm.nih.gov

Amino Acids: Wound Care’s Secret Weapon

Amino acids are not just a conversation for gym-goers and muscle-builders. As an article entitled Using Nutrition to Speed Up Surgery Recovery articulates, “whether it’s a knee or hip replacement, tumor removal, or anything in between, one process always happens once the surgery is complete: a doctor cleans and closes the incensions they’ve made. Once that incision is made, your body’s healing process starts.



Counting Z’s Isn’t Just for Sleeping Beauty

The CDC, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, reports that “1 in 3 adults don’t get enough sleep.” Why does it matter if you’d rather devote hours toward binge-watching Netflix and diving headfirst into the black hole of social media than sleep? An article entitled The Unstoppable Power of a Good Night’s Sleep reports that sleep deprivation leads you to:

  • Be “more stressed, creating a higher risk of developing hypertension.”
  • Be “more likely to experience weight gain.”
  • “Have a higher risk of developing cancer.”

Benefits of Sleep

The before-mentioned article also points out how great sleep,



Break It Down By Properly Fueling Up

Amino Acids are explained repeatedly as the ‘building blocks’ of protein. Although this is 100% true, that description doesn’t do the importance of amino acids justice. You may hear the word protein and think, “I get plenty of that!” But in actuality, “it has been reported that patients with liver cirrhosis suffer from protein malnutrition despite taking in adequate food.” You may hear that and say, “well, I don’t have liver cirrhosis, so I’m still not concerned about amino acids.” To that I ask you,



Amino Acids & Workout Recovery: A Match Made in Heaven

As Tommy Boone, Ph.D. board-certified exercise physiologist, says, “tiny tears form in the muscles [when you exercise] that help them grow bigger and stronger as they heal.” Since exercise creates tiny tears in muscles, it makes sense that preventing muscle damage and starting the muscle recovery process should be a high priority for exercisers everywhere.

Muscle-Related Benefits of Amino Acids

Healthline identifies four muscle-related benefits of amino acids:

  1. Increase Muscle Growth
    1. “… leucine [an essential amino acid] activates a certain pathway in the body that stimulates muscle protein synthesis,



Holiday Goodies: Plan Ahead & Leave the Guilt at the Door

The holiday season summons two traditions that are better left alone: overconsumption and then guilt about that consumption.

Reign in Your Feasting & Toss the Guilt Out the Window.

Yes, your grandmother’s annual gingerbread cookies smell like Christmas and taste like heaven. Of course, your mother makes the perfect holiday sugar cookie and caramel apple pie. Never would you pass up Aunt Diane’s frozen apricot brandy slushies, Aunt Kathy’s homemade buckeyes, or Aunt Maryann’s triple-layer cookie bars.

An avalanche of health-chokehold-situations goes hand-in-hand with the holidays.


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Buddy the Elf: Positivity Beacon & Holiday Blues Deterrent

Summon your positive energy and display your most festive holiday cheer because December 18th is Answer the Telephone Like Buddy the Elf Day. The movie Elf follows the life of Buddy, a human raised by elves, who believes the human spirit is more powerful than the sharpness of people’s tongues and jaded hearts. He’s an unsuspecting hero in a time when money and status rule, creating a domino effect that changes lives for the better and hearts forever.

Mental Health Issues & … Continued


Don’t Let Holiday Parties Be a “Hell, No!” For Your Health

Family parties. 
New Year’s Eve celebrations. 
Elevating your spirit in the name of holiday cheer. 

There are countless opportunities during the holiday season to indulge, but what internally happens when you cave into external stimuli? Excessive bubbly. Avalanches of sugar, fat, and sodium. It’s safe to say that the holidays bring the most health obstacles per square mile of your year. 

It’s Not a Treat; It’s Your Lifestyle 

Dr. Holly Wyatt, medical director for seasons four and five of ABC’s TV show Extreme Weight Loss,



Food & You: An Ironclad Arranged Marriage, So Make It Work

Food is one of the most significant relationships in your life. It begins as a biological necessity and quickly morphs into a relationship that directly correlates to your physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

You can walk away from a toxic person.
You can walk away from drugs.
You can walk away from dangerous situations.
But you cannot completely walk away from food.

You will one day leave the home in which you were born.
You did not always live with your partner.



COVID-19 Survivors Struggle Long After Their Isolation Ends

In May 2020, The Washington Post foreshadowed the following: Three months into the coronavirus pandemic, the country is on the verge of another health crisis, with daily doses of death, isolation, and fear generating widespread psychological trauma. 

Fast-forward approximately six months to November 2020, and an article entitled 20 Percent of Patients Who Recover from COVID Are Diagnosed with Mental Illness Within 90 Days appears. 

Mental Health Issues & COVID-19 

The Great Pandemic of 2020 is quickly becoming The Virus that Dictated 2021–



Tis’ the Season to be Stressed: Fa La La La Laaa La La La La

Do not underestimate holiday stress.  

Although Halloween and Trick-or-Treat paid a visit in October, most people do not overly stress about a holiday that asks for one day of celebration and leaves a trail of happily-exhausted children in its wake. Now November, on the other hand, is a different story. Lists for Santa find their way to penny-strapped parents. Expectations of homemade deliciousness like Grandma made fall upon shoulders. The desire to create moments worth remembering take hold, while remembering those who no longer sit at the Thanksgiving table tear at hearts.