An open letter to sadness

Last week, Autumn Stringam wrote an open letter to Sadness on her blog. She discusses sadness and its effect on our lives, how hard it is to let it go and make changes. She points out that even though it’s hard, it’s not difficult.

Autumn is one of the daughter’s of Truehope founder, Anthony Stephan, and she was the second person to try what has since become EMPowerplus. She wrote A Promise of Hope, her story about her mother’s death, the creation of Truehope and her healing journey.

Read the entire post at her blog, Leftovers’ Blog.

Autumn wrote two other recent blog posts: Are You Embarrassed Yet? You Will Be and A Dog, A Ball, and A Baby Walk into a Bar.

In the former, she talks about the connection between embarrassment and second stage healing. In the latter, she explores how triggers are related to how we deal with trauma and hormone levels.