A Healthy Body is Impossible to Achieve Without Healthy Cells

  • 90% of North Americans are deficient in this mineral
  • The World Health Organization proclaims it the number one prevention of mental and physical disabilities, especially in utero (i.e. before birth)
  • It is one of the rare health supplements recommended by the FDA for pregnant and lactating women, infants, and young children

What is it?


The body requires iodine to produce thyroid hormones, and iodine also increases the efficiency of the metabolism. Typically, people understand the importance of a healthy metabolism because most understand metabolism is the process your body goes through to convert food and drink into energy. Understanding why and how thyroid hormones play an integral part in development isn’t as often swiftly answered though, so that’s the piece of the iodine puzzle that needs a little more of the spotlight.

Thyroid hormones play a significant role in bone and brain development during pregnancy and infancy. They also aid in both the growth of cells and the repair of damaged cells. Although paying attention to iodine levels is important for everyone, it’s absolutely critical for infants and pregnant women.

According to Healthline, “up to a third of people worldwide are at risk of an iodine deficiency,” and those most at risk are:

  • Pregnant women
  • People who live in countries where there is very little iodine in the soil (South Asia, Southeast Asia, New Zealand, and European countries)
  • People who don’t use iodized salt
  • People who follow a vegetarian or vegan diet

Healthline goes on to list 10 signs and symptoms of iodine deficiency:

  1. Swelling in the neck
  2. Unexpected weight gain
  3. Fatigue and weakness
  4. Hair loss
  5. Dry, flaky skin
  6. Feeling colder than usual
  7. Changes in heart rate
  8. Trouble learning and remembering
  9. Problems during pregnancy
  10. Heavy or irregular periods

The bottom line is that if your body doesn’t have a sufficient amount of iodine, it can not produce sufficient amounts of thyroid hormones. Iodine deficiency, for an unborn child, can cause stunted growth, mental disabilities, delayed sexual development, and lower-than-average IQ. For adults, an insufficient amount of iodine can decrease the ability to think clearly and work, among other things.

Although iodine supplements can be found in a variety of places, there is only one that is produced using a patented process by which bioavailable, non-ocean sourced, high-grade iodine is put through a process that creates a Bioidentical form of iodine which the body recognizes, absorbs, and utilizes instantly: Truehope’s Nascent Iodine Advanced.

Just like all supplements, too much can be as bad as having too little. So whether you’re talking about Nascent Iodine Advanced or another supplement, always talk to a health professional to better understand the dosage that’s right for you. And as I do with all my recommendations, research what you consume. Your biggest advocate for your best health is you. Understanding what you consume and how that directly affects your body is key to your best health, which is the cornerstone of living your best life.

Author: Evelyn Lindell
Certified Health & Wellness Coach