How sunlight can help you fight depression

Did you know that light and darkness affect our hormonal levels?

Sunlight, for example, can help us produce serotonin, a hormone that boosts our mood, calms our mind, and helps us to focus. Darkness, on the other hand, helps us produce melatonin, which is the hormone that makes us sleepy and is critical to our getting a good night’s sleep.

Not only does sunlight help you increase serotonin, but the reverse is also true. The Mayo Clinic, an American nonprofit medical practice and medical research group, claims that a drop in serotonin might play a role in seasonal affective disorder, and “reduced sunlight can cause a drop in serotonin that may trigger depression.”

A 2007 article in Journal of Psychiatry and Neuroscience reported that sunlight is “an effective treatment for nonseasonal depression, and also reduces depressed mood in women with premenstrual dysphoric disorder and in pregnant women suffering from depression.”

Plus, a 2009 article in Environmental Health noticed a link between decreased sunlight exposure and impaired cognitive function.

If you experience depression, consider including more sunlight exposure in your holistic mental health treatment.



10 tips for dealing with stress

Stress is our body’s way of dealing with thing it sees as threats. It’s how we prepare to run away from or confront danger. Unfortunately, many things that trigger stress in our lives today aren’t things that we can fight or flee.

If stress continues, it can become chronic and can lead to other problems, including anxiety, depression, and even physical ailments.

You can take some practical steps to prevent, combat, and cope with stress, as well as maintain physical and mental health.



Mental fatigue: what is it and how do I manage it?

We all feel tired at some time during the day. Then at night, you go to sleep, then arise after a good night’s sleep.

But some feel tired for weeks. If that’s the case, mental fatigue—or a lack of energy and motivation—may be the culprit. Mental fatigue can also cause temporary lapse in cognitive performance.



3 reasons health professionals use EMPowerplus

More doctors and health professionals than ever before are prescribing EMPowerplus Advanced—Truehope Nutritional Support’s specialized micronutrient treatment—in their clinical practice as a treatment option for bipolar disorder, depression, ADD, ADHD, and other mental disorders, as well as for general health.

Here are 3 reasons why these health professionals use EMPowerplus in their medical practice:



Why take a broad-spectrum amino acid blend?

Amino acids are the building blocks of our body; more specifically, they build our neurotransmitters, messengers of that communicate neurologic information from one cell to another.

Let’s take the neurotransmitter serotonin. During the day, serotonin is your feel good “happy” molecule. At night, it turns into melatonin so you can experience a deep and restful sleep. To produce serotonin, you need sufficient levels of L-tryptophan.  Serotonin is a calming neurotransmitter and can act as antidepressant to reduce depression.

Dopamine is another neurotransmitter,


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How EMPowerplus improved the mental health of 13 people

About 5 years ago, we conducted a customer survey, to which we received hundreds of positive responses.

We wanted to share a few of the truly motivating things some of you said about how EMPowerplus has helped you. Especially for those of you at the beginning of your journey to wellness, we hope that you can take comfort in the fact that thousands have successfully gone before you.

Here are 13 people sharing with you how EMPowerplus improved their mental health:



Poor mental health? Improve nutrition and sleep.

People who struggle with mental health challenges—and those who treat them—often turn to medication to deal with those challenges. Time and time again, medication either doesn’t work or it numbs a person’s ability to feel and experience life.

Luckily, natural options exist for many people, especially improved nutrition and better sleep.



3 critical things the Truehope support program helps with

The Truehope program has helped tens of thousands of people recover their sanity and ability to function. This makes it possible to rebuild relationships, return to work, and learn new ways to cope with the everyday stresses and emotional issues of life. It’s hard work, but most people say it’s worth it.

The Truehope wellness program is successful because it gives you products and free personalized phone support to help you with 3 critical things:

  1. Digestion – to get your gut healthy
  2. Nutrition – to get you healthy
  3. Transition – to get you off medication safely



6 ways to naturally beat seasonal affective disorder

While many people are negatively affected by the reduction in daylight—making them feel gloomy—as much as 3% of the population has seasonal affective disorder.

SAD is more than just what people refer to as the “winter blues”. Those who have it find it difficult to function when it rears its head.

Canadian Mental Health Association has this to say about the disorder:

“SAD can be a debilitating condition, preventing sufferers from functioning normally. It may affect their personal and professional lives,



Truehope invites doctors to try our mental health program

More doctors and health professionals than ever before are prescribing EMPowerplus Advanced, Truehope Nutritional Support’s specialized micronutrient treatment.

Many doctors across the U.S. and Canada use this safe and effective combination of 36 vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and antioxidants in their clinical practice as a treatment option for bipolar disorder, depression, ADD, and other mental disorders.

Research has shown a strong connection between brain function and nutrients, and several studies of have shown very positive results with EMPowerplus Advanced specifically.