How EMPowerplus improved the mental health of 13 people

About 5 years ago, we conducted a customer survey, to which we received hundreds of positive responses.

We wanted to share a few of the truly motivating things some of you said about how EMPowerplus has helped you. Especially for those of you at the beginning of your journey to wellness, we hope that you can take comfort in the fact that thousands have successfully gone before you.

Here are 13 people sharing with you how EMPowerplus improved their mental health:

“EMPowerplus has quite literally given me back my life. It stopped years of suicidal depression that I had fought in vain.This happened for me in the space of about 4 days. My husband, during a time of serious financial crisis, was willing to get a second job so I wouldn’t have to go without because he never wants me to have to live the way I used to, always wanting to die.”

“My son was able to get off most of his prescription meds. He was taking very high doses of 5 meds. The transition was quite difficult, but now almost 5 yrs later, [he] is doing very well. EMPowerplus has worked very well for him.”

“It’s helped my depression, anxiety, inability to concentrate, and my overall health. It’s been the best thing to ever happen to me and my family.”

“I went from the government paying me monthly on disability ($900) to being a tax paying healthy citizen. Without Truehope, my medical bill was $300 a month, paid for by the government. If you do the math, the government was paying me $1200 a month to not take Empower.”

“I had depression and an anxiety disorder and both are totally under control as long as I take Truehope. They have changed my life. I don’t have the side effects of the pharmaceuticals that I was taking, and I am strong and confident now!”

“My 12 year old son has been on EMPowerplus for 3.5 years, and I believe it has saved our lives. Things are not perfect—are they ever with preadolescents? But, his mood swings are within a level that’s manageable and not unsafe. He no longer hallucinates and hasn’t been suicidal or homicidal since he became stabilized on EMPowerplus. It was pretty difficult for the first year, and he still has difficulties with seasonal mood changes and the light changes in the environment, as well as some social struggles. But, overall he’s a bright, creative, funny. and athletic kid. On psychiatric meds he was dull, uncreative, tired, and overweight. We are so blessed to have found Truehope!”

“I’ve been on EMPowerplus consistently since November 2002. As of January 2003, I was weaned off my meds, and I have never felt like a ‘psych patient’ since. I now live a meaningful existence, mostly free of bipolar symptoms.”

“I’ve been free of any psychiatric drugs for almost 3 years. EMPowerplus doesn’t take away the depression; it helps me cope with it, where as the drugs never did. The drugs always seemed to worsen the depression or cause other symptoms, which, in turn, caused the doctors to give me even more drugs to counteract those symptoms. I am truly happy and very proud to take EMPowerplus, and I have no qualms about telling people my experiences with the being on psychiatric drugs and my past suicide attempts. I tell everyone how much better I feel with being on EMPowerplus and could praise it even more than I already do. However, I tell everyone you have to be committed to dealing with the ups and downs of going off the medications—and that can be very trying—but if you stay in constant contact with the support group at Truehope and have support around you, you’ll get through it.”

“I no longer live in a medication-induced fog. I feel alive for the first time in years. I’m not fatigued as I was. I want to relive my wedding and other important events to really experience them, but I’m happy to know that I will feel alive for future events. I didn’t know what I was missing.”

“My atypical autistic/bi-polar son has progressed beyond expectation. My adopted FAS son is doing fantastic and I, the mom, love the clarity of mind and emotions since taking 4 capsules per day.”

“My 7-year-old bipolar daughter is free of symptoms now. My 4-year-old bipolar/ADHD son is doing much better. It saved my marriage. My father, who has been suffering from memory loss and confusion, has seen remarkable improvement. My cousin with OCD and Tourette’s is beginning the program. And, many other family members are looking into the program.”

“We used it for our son when he had a brain injury at age 17 and were very pleased with the results. We also have friends whose adult son still takes EMPowerplus for his bipolar. I’m always eager to recommend it to anyone I hear that has a problem that EMPowerplus can help.”

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