Can micronutrients reduce stress & anxiety after a flood?

Four researchers in Canada and New Zealand recently published an article in Psychiatry Research investigating the effects of the EMPowerplus formula on mental health following a natural disaster.

In June 2013, many communities in southern Alberta were devastated by widespread flooding. Knowing that EMPowerplus had shown great benefit to mental health among earthquake survivors a few years prior, the researchers hoped to see similar results in this natural disaster.



Reduce stress in your life with these 18 easy tricks

Stress, both physical and emotional, affect digestion and nutrient absorption in the gut and can lead to vitamin and mineral imbalances and deficiencies. Truehope believes that these nutrient deficiencies, if left unchecked, can eventually result in a wide variety of mental health issues, including bipolar and depression.

Reducing the stress in our lives can positively effect better nutrient absorption in the body, thus having a beneficial effect on mental health.

So what can you do to manage stress?



How vitamins and minerals can reduce your stress levels

EMPowerplus was first formulated nearly 20 years ago to naturally treat people experiencing stress caused by depression or other mood disorders. Since then, we have sold over 1 million bottles for use in treating non-clinical symptoms like stress caused by depression or other mood disorders.

Stress manifests itself in different ways, including sleeplessness, pain, headaches, and weight gain, and it may be accompanied by anxiety, racing thoughts, worry, or frustration.

As science gains greater insight into the consequences of stress on the brain,



How to eliminate stress with just vitamins and minerals

Do you suffer from headaches, neck pain, stomach discomfort, sudden panic, or constant worry? Are you unable to relax? Do you constantly worry about things, making you physically ill?



What’s your Truehope Stress Score?

You might remember that Truehope recently updated their website, but did you know that we have an interactive stress test?

The test is 11 quick questions, and once you complete it, you’ll receive a score somewhere between 0 and 100. The higher the number, the more stress you have.

Stress level

Mildly stressed

Moderately stressed

Highly stressed

Acutely stressed

The test also provides recommendations for reducing stress. For example, Truehope Inositol reduces your score by 10 points and Truehope EMPowerplus Advanced shaves 25 points off.


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Study shows that micronutrients are a viable treatment for stress following a natural disaster

New Zealand researchers recently published a study in Human Psychopharmacology, following up on a study they did regarding anxiety and EMPowerplus.

In 2011, Christchurch, New Zealand, experienced a 6.3 earthquake that killed nearly 200 people and injured as many as 2000. Several residents experienced heightened anxiety or stress for several months following the earthquake, and these researchers conducted a randomized trial with 120 adults experiencing such symptoms.

Of those participants, 85 agreed a year later to complete questionnaires assessing mood,



New research shows EMPowerplus can reduce stress, anxiety, depression

In September 2010, Christchurch, New Zealand, was hit by a 7.1 earthquake. Researchers at the University of Canterbury, Ohio State University, and the West Coast District Health Board (in Greymouth, New Zealand) wanted to study the effects such an event had on the anxiety, fear, and depression levels of earthquake survivors.