What to eat (and not eat) when stressed

Earlier this month, an Indian researcher published an article in the International Education and Research Journal discussing the connection between eating and stress.

In the article, the researcher outlines 6 eating practices we should avoid when we’re stressed and 8 eating practices we should adopt.

Practices to avoid when stressed

  1. Eating fast food
  2. Forgetting or skipping meals
  3. Drinking too much coffee
  4. Consuming foods high in fat and sugar
  5. Following fad diets
  6. Constantly snacking

Practices to adopt when stressed

  1. Consume calming drinks (like tea or warm milk)
  2. Eat foods high in calcium
  3. Eat more dark chocolate
  4. Eat more whole grains
  5. Eat more avocados
  6. Eat more fatty fish
  7. Eat more nuts
  8. Take more vitamin C