10 free ways to deal with depression

Health Magazine recently published an article outlining 10 ways to deal with depression that won’t cost you anything.

“With the economy stuck in neutral, people have more reasons to be depressed—and less money to treat their depression—than in the past.”



Researchers suggest holistic approach for treating bipolar

Last fall, Australian researchers published a paper in the Medical Journal Australia, investigating treatment options available for bipolar disorder, including pharmacological options.

Despite the absence of clear evidence for their effectiveness, antidepressants are widely prescribed for BD and are the most widely used medication class for the depressive phase of the illness. A meta-analysis of the most recent, large-scale and rigorous trials found that they were discouragingly negative. The use of antidepressants in BD is therefore controversial, especially in the context of evidence that they can on occasion induce switching to mania or hypomania,



Exercise doesn’t help depression. Are you sure?

You probably read several stories last week about a study in the BMJ (formerly the British Medical Journal) that reportedly claimed exercise no longer helps with managing depression, which many had believed it did. The study was picked up by media outlets (starting with BBC NewsDaily Mail, and Guardian in the UK, then spreading throughout the world) whose shocking headlines indicated that exercising no longer does anything for depression.

A few days later, The Mental Elf (a blog that analyzes and reports on mental health research) released a summary of what the research actually says,


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