10 free ways to deal with depression

Health Magazine recently published an article outlining 10 ways to deal with depression that won’t cost you anything.

“With the economy stuck in neutral, people have more reasons to be depressed—and less money to treat their depression—than in the past.”

“The cost of medication and talk therapy add up even if you have health insurance—and more than 46 million people in the U.S. (and counting) do not.”

Here is their list:

  1. Don’t blame yourself
  2. Talk about it
  3. Get regular exercise
  4. Postpone major decisions
  5. Take care of your health
  6. Maintain a daily routine
  7. Eat a healthy diet
  8. Avoid alcohol and drugs
  9. Try to sleep well
  10. Don’t overschedule

Read the entire article to see what they had to see about each tip.

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