7 myths about Truehope, debunked

Anyone who has been with Truehope for any significant amount of time is probably aware that we have critics: people who love to disprove the 20-year-old work we have done for hundreds of thousands of people around the world.

They refuse to believe that our products make a meaningful difference in many lives, and they accuse us of selling nothing but snake oil and preying on the oppressed, all of which are myths of course.

We have listed below 7 of the most popular myths, linking them to articles where we debunk those myths.

  1. Truehope is a scam? No, we’re not. We legitimately help people. Hundreds of thousands of people.
  2. Truehope preys on the weak. No, we don’t. See above.
  3. Truehope needs double-blind studies to prove it works. No, it doesn’t. We believe a variety of research methods are best. That being said, EMPowerplus has been in double-blind studies.
  4. Truehope claims its products cure people. No, we don’t. Bipolar doesn’t just go away.
  5. Doctors don’t support Truehope. Actually, they do. We have thousands of health care facilities who work with us.
  6. Walmart vitamins are good enough. No, they’re not. EMPowerplus is higher quality and includes a support program.
  7. Truehope is a cure. No, our products don’t technically cure, but they can help you manage.

Now, we know our detractors will probably not be convinced by anything we say; most of them have firmly made up their minds about us and nothing is going to change that. We hope, however, that someone might find these 7 myth debunking articles informative and enlightening.