Is Truehope a scam?

One of the common criticisms we hear at Truehope is that Truehope is a scam or that Truehope is a hoax. Our critics accuse us of preying on the weak, selling snake oil.

Naturally, we disagree with these claims.

Is Truehope a scam? Well, Truehope has been helping people achieve mental and physical well-being for nearly 17 years. We’ve helped tens of thousands of people live happy, healthy, and hopeful lives (here are a few of their stories).

Is Truehope a scam? Well, our flagship product, EMPowerplus, is the most researched micronutrient formula in history (now up to 19 independent studies). We have over 5000 health centres working with us to make sure their clients use our products safely and effectively.

Is Truehope a scam? Well, at Truehope, we aren’t trying to pull the wool over anyone’s eyes. We aren’t trying to pull a fast one on anybody.

Is Truehope a scam? Well, we’ve seen our products change the lives of so many people. As soon as we saw the change in Joseph and Autumn after they started on the Truehope formula, we knew there was something there. And as more people started to hear about it and wanted to try it, too, we knew we needed to make it our life goal to bring EMPowerplus to as many people as possible.

Is Truehope a scam? Well, we are dedicated to helping people, not sucking their wallets dry. We are dedicated to creating healthy, happy, and hopeful lives, not creating poverty and lining our pockets with wealth. We are dedicated to providing people with advantages, not taking advantage of them.

So, is Truehope a scam? No.

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