Does Truehope prey on the weak?

One of the most common accusations we receive from EMPowerplus critics is that we prey on the weak, that we market to the vulnerable. This is a very serious accusation, and we felt it was important that we address it.

First, we rarely take out advertisements in the media. You can’t find us in a TV commercial or hear us on the radio.  In the rare instances when we do take out a small ad in a newspaper or a magazine, the message is always generic.

Second, we do not advertise in psychiatric wards, psychiatrist offices, or anywhere else people with mental health challenges might go.

Third, we do not claim that our products cure mental disorders.

We admit that thousands of people have found health, happiness, and hope while using our products. We admit that when we receive their stories, we get pretty excited. In fact, we get so excited, we can’t help but want to share our customers’s success with others. That’s why we put success stories on our website.

That being said, we never claim that because it works for one person means it will work for anyone and everyone else. We know EMPowerplus does not have a 100% success rate. Given that each person has a unique mind and body, it shouldn’t be surprising that it doesn’t affect everyone the same way.

Regardless, we maintain that EMPowerplus is backed by a growing body of research showing its effectiveness. We maintain that with the help of our trained support team, our products can be taken safely and effectively. We maintain that it is vital (if not critical) that our customers work with their mental health care providers to ensure as safe a transition as possible.

Anyone who follows us on social media knows how important mental health is to us, and we will always defend our position that what is most important to us is the health of our customers, not the thickness of their wallets.