Does Truehope work?

Truehope HQ

We had someone come to our blog last week after searching for the phrase “does truehope work”. I thought this would be a great topic for a blog post.

To start off, this question is fraught with uncertainty and apprehension. For the majority of people diagnosed with a mood disorder—such as depression, bipolar, anxiety, and so on—the only solution for managing the disorder is medication. This generally includes psychotropic and SSRI medication. They believe this is the only solution because it is ingrained into them early on and the media strengthens the connections between mental health and medication.

As a result, people are apprehensive to get off their medications. They are afraid of what could happen to them (or what they might do to others) if they quit their medication. That is true even if they replace it with exercise, a better diet, and a very strong support network.

Naturally, those who live in an environment where this is prevalent will worry about abandoning their medication for vitamins and minerals. Many of our customers initially felt that way as well, but for their own unique reasons, one by one, they decided to give it a try.

A major concern that EMPowerplus critics have about EMPowerplus is that there is no proof that it works. Sure, the fact that over 80,000 people around the world have used EMPowerplus doesn’t technically count as proof in the same way as a scientifically controlled clinical study does. Of course, over 70 success stories from Truehope customers is technically anecdotal, and our critics want empirical evidence.

Truehope actually has a slowly growing body of research on our micronutrient formula. As of this writing, we have had 30 scientists from 13 universities conduct various types of research (from case studies to open-label studies, and so on) and have published them in a total of 17 research journals. All the research is independently funded; we never fund the research done on our products.

Now this isn’t enough to satisfy our most outspoken Truheope critics; they want placebo-controlled, double-blind studies. These sorts of studies are the least influenced by bias because neither the participants nor the researchers know what product they’re testing. The great thing is that we have placebo-controlled, double-blind studies underway at the moment. Once those are complete and published, we will be happy to publicize their results. We would have done it sooner, but all our attempts to do so in the past were thwarted.

Regardless, there is a common thread among the existing published research: Truehope works. All the published research show that those who take Truehope see improvement. It’s consistent and it’s encouraging.

So, does Truehope work? Well, based on the feedback we have received from over 80,000 customers; based on the over 70 success stories we have on our website; and based on the 17 research publishings to date, we sure think so.