Hope for the skeptic

This summer, Truehope Nutritional Support conducted a survey of over 100 of our active customers. Among the questions we asked was “What was your first reaction when you heard vitamins and minerals could help you deal with your mental health challenges?”
Respondents were able to comment in their own words, so their answers were not influenced by the available choices. After receiving the responses, we analyzed them and noticed four themes among them: made sense, believed it, hopeful, and skeptical.

We weren’t at all surprised that the vast majority believed EMPowerplus could help them, or that at the very least they were hopeful it could. What did surprise us was how many of our customers had once been skeptical of Truehope and EMPowerplus. Actually, some of them even said they at one time referred to it as snake oil, that they laughed in their doctor’s face when s/he told them about it, or that they were very or extremely skeptical.

In fact, 1 out of every 4 respondents indicated initial skepticism the first time they heard about Truehope.

Interestingly enough, none of those who started out skeptical of Truehope and EMPowerplus regrets making the choice to start on the program. In fact, every single one of them has said it has changed his or her life in some positive way.

We really do provide hope, even to the doubter.