The role doctors play in the Truehope program

Photo by JD Hancock. Used under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license.

It probably isn’t much of a surprise to most people to know that Truehope has some critics of EMPowerplus. These detractors criticize the work we do and label us quacks, snake oil sales persons, and scam artists. Some accuse us of being interested in only making money and that we oppose the work of mental health professionals.

I thought this might be a good time to briefly touch on our support program.

Truehope’s program consists of two main parts: our flagship formulation, EMPowerplus, and our support team. The support team works closely with our customers to make sure they don’t take too much or too little EMPowerplus, and for those who eventually wean off medication, they make sure the weaning is done safely and at a reasonable rate.

The support program is more than just a two-way relationship, however. At Truehope, we also work with mental health professionals. While our Truehope staff are properly trained in the support they offer, they do not give psychiatric advice. Working with our customers’ mental health care providers is a crucial part of the support program. In fact, we have several thousand mental health professionals who actively work with us to give care for their patients.

Truehope collaborated with researchers and mental health professionals to design our support program. We continue to work with mental health professionals, such as psychiatrists, to make sure our customers get the best natural solution while they are under the care of their mental health care providers. In addition, every bottle of EMPowerplus includes a notice that those taking it should consult a physician prior to use, especially if they have a serious medical condition or are on psychiatric medication.

Providing telephone support from experts in our products along with in-person support from experts in mental health helps us give the best possible support for those seeking healing, happiness, and hope.

If you are a medical professional interested in partnering with Truehope, visit the doctor’s section of our website for more information.