Is Truehope a cure?

One of the most common themes among accusations made by those trying to detract from Truehope’s vision to restore and maintain mental and physical well-being is that we claim that our products are cures.

We’ve had people accuse us of claiming that EMPowerplus cures schizophrenia, that it cures bipolar, that it cures depression. We’ve even had people accuse us of claiming that it cures everything under the sun.

It’s important that we set the record straight.

In order to understand how valid this accusation is, we must understand what people mean when they use the word “cure”. The Random House Dictionary has two definitions related to health: to restore to health; and to relieve or rid of something detrimental, as an illness or a bad habit.

Do we claim to restore health? Many of our customers report that they’ve been able to live normal, happy lives for the first time in years. Many report that they’ve been able to experience peace, calm, and stability, something they had forgotten.

Do we relieve something detrimental? Many of our customers report and research shows that EMPowerplus offers relief from anxiety, stress, and depression.

Do we get rid of something detrimental? No. We don’t claim that taking EMPowerplus will get rid of your schizophrenia. We don’t claim that it’ll get rid of your depression. We don’t claim that it’ll get rid of your bipolar. Conventional medicine can’t even claim that. If our customers stop participating in the Truehope program, the challenges they used to face are very likely to return.

Besides, when Health Canada approved a Natural Product Number for EMP (our retail version of EMPowerplus), it was with the restriction that the only claim we can make is that we provide nutritional support for mental and physical well-being. That worked out great considering the holistic approach we take to mental health.

So, does Truehope offer a cure? Only if you consider nutritional support for mental and physical well-being a cure.