24 things that could affect how EMPowerplus works for you

A possible limiting factor is something that may negatively impact the overall effectiveness of EMPowerplus for participants in the Truehope wellness program.

For example, someone who has persistent diarrhea cannot properly absorb the nutrients in EMPowerplus through the intestines before they’re flushed out. In such a case, there are necessary steps to take to control the diarrhea, and a temporary increased dose of EMPowerplus would be required to maintain wellness.

If one or more possible limiting factors in the following list applies to you, it does not necessarily mean that you will not be successful on EMPowerplus. In fact, nearly every one of these factors can be controlled or eliminated to make EMPowerplus work its best for you.

This list of possible limiting factors isn’t comprehensive, but it includes the most common issues that many EMPowerplus users experience. If you have questions about any of these possible limiting factors, or if you suspect there are other health issues that may be affecting your ability to benefit from EMPowerplus, contact us at 1.888.TRUEHOPE or support@truehope.com.

Some participants may have allergies that require treatment to ease the symptoms. We have observed increases in symptoms with some antihistamines and similar drugs. You may need to increase the dosage of EMPowerplus to support the system.

Alcohol: (See Street drugs & alcohol)

Antacid medications: These products neutralize stomach acids, which are necessary for digesting food. After chewing, digestion is the next major step in processing food to be able to extract nutrients. Inhibiting this step of the digestive process can reduce the bioavailability of critical nutrients further along the system.

Antibiotics: Oral antibiotics are nonselective, meaning that they may affect all of microorganisms—not just the pathogens—inside you. As the antibiotic reduces the population of beneficial micro-flora, it compromises absorption, which can result in an escalation or worsening of symptoms.

Bowels: Occasionally an individual may experience a bowel issue when starting EMPowerplus. Osmotic diarrhea, caused by the highly concentrated supplement (taking with meals lessens this effect), is typically the complaint. This needs to be addressed as quickly as possible as the situation can prevent the absorption of EMPowerplus.

Constipation, which is less common than diarrhea, can also lessen absorption. A healthy diet with adequate fibre from vegetables and sufficient water should prevent any problems. If an issue becomes apparent, certain whole foods are a good place to start.

For loose stool/diarrhea; try cheddar cheese, very green bananas, or peanut butter, if these have no effect, try Truehope BMD. For constipation try ripe bananas, prunes, etc. If these have no affect, try flax seed oil.

Bowel disorders: Irritation and inflammation of the intestinal lining is a common occurrence in chronic intestinal/bowel disorders. These disorders can significantly reduce the absorption of key nutritional elements. Some participants have seen benefit with cold-pressed virgin coconut oil.

Caffeine: Caffeine is the world’s most widely consumed psychoactive substance and is a central nervous system stimulant. Among its many actions, it operates by slowing down the rate of dopamine re-uptake.

This is one of the factors that give caffeine its addictive qualities. Beverages and foods containing caffeine, such as coffee, tea, soft drinks, and energy drinks should be avoided because the caffeine can negatively impact the effectiveness of EMPowerplus for you.

Diet: EMPowerplus as a supplement is not a meal replacement. It is meant to add vitamin and mineral density to the existing diet. It is still very important to eat regular, well-balanced meals each day. There are many other important nutritional factors that can be obtained from only whole foods. Participants should avoid the over-consumption of refined foods and fad diets.

Hormone replacement therapy and/or birth control: Hormones are mood altering and can have a profound effect on the success of the program.

Laxatives: Laxatives are temporary solutions and artificially stimulate the bowel. Whole food solutions are best.

Mania and psychosis: Those who find symptoms of mania increasing and who also increased their dosage of EMPowerplus by at least five capsules seem to stabilize faster than those who did not increase their EMPowerplus. Stability seemed to be most consistent for those who continued on this dose for several days until symptoms subsided and any other stressors had been reduced.

Medications: Good nutrition can help correct brain chemistry. According to the published research studies on EMPowerplus, if medications are not removed or reduced appropriately, they may begin to cause adverse effects and side effects.

Because of the addictive nature of some medications and because of the possibility of withdrawal symptoms, we encourage all participants on medications to work closely with their doctor for the proper management of any medication reductions or changes. As always, our support team is available to answer any questions that you or your doctor may have.

Menstrual cycle & puberty: Symptoms can often increase during the menstrual cycle. Perhaps it is because hormones levels change and nutrient demands increase. Puberty is also a time when hormones levels change and the body’s nutritional demands increase.

Pregnancy/breastfeeding: Nutritional requirements are often increased during these times, so it may be necessary to increase EMPowerplus during these times.

Sleep: When sleep is compromised, serious problems can occur, especially with mania or psychosis issues. It is important to get a proper amount of sleep, or the effectiveness of the program may be compromised and symptoms may return. But getting good sleep may be hard to do. Some things that have worked for others include soothing music, meditation, warm bath, aroma therapy, melatonin, and L-tryptophan.

Surgery: Anesthesia can induce relapses in mental illness. Also, benzodiazepines, which can have a negative effect on mood, are commonly administered after surgery. Talk to your doctor or Truehope Support if you experience signs of withdrawal or post-withdrawal after surgery.

Surgery & dental work: Anesthesia and freezing agents are known for inducing relapses in mental illness. An increased intake of fluids and EMPowerplus may be required after a visit to the dentist.

Street drugs & alcohol: These substances are commonly used to self-medicate and can have a powerful psychotropic effect, causing mood and mind altering effects. They can cause depression, mania, and psychosis and should be discontinued for EMPowerplus to be the most effective.

Tobacco: Smoking has a mood-altering effect on the brain and causes dependency and many other adverse health effects. For the best possible physical and mental health, it is best to avoid tobacco in all its forms.

Vitamins & minerals: Extra vitamins may be added to the program without a problem, but are usually not necessary. Extra minerals should not be added, as they can throw off the critical mineral balance of EMPowerplus, making it less effective.

Physical illness: When a person becomes ill with a cold or flu, the immune system’s effectiveness is lowered.

Vaccinations: There have been a few observed adverse events after some vaccinations, including the flu shot. Be aware that some vaccinations may have a negative effect regardless of whether or not EMPowerplus is being used. Talk to your doctor about the potential for negative side effects from vaccinations.

Water/hydration: It is important to drink an adequate amount of water. Eight glasses (2 quarts or 2 litres) is typically recommended for daily consumption. Water assists in moving nutrition into, and flushing wastes out of, the body. It may also help clear out drugs in the system.

Weight gain from CNS medications or street drugs: Sometimes an individual may gain weight due to medications or street drugs and will be more likely to have stored medications in adipose (fat) cells. If the person begins to lose the weight, these drugs may be released back into the system and may contribute to what we have observed as post withdrawal syndrome. Talk to our support team for further explanation or if you are feeling adverse symptoms.

Weight loss/exercise/massage/acupuncture/cleanses/stress: Any of these situations can cause medications to release from storage in the body and can bring on adverse reactions or post withdrawal symptoms. To relieve symptoms in most cases, reduce or stop the above activities. Protein Isolate, reverse osmosis eater (at least 8 glasses daily), and an adjustment in EMPowerplus dosage may also be required to reduce symptoms.

If you have questions about any of these possible limiting factors or their solutions, please talk to our support team or your doctor.