Stay hydrated and maximize the benefits of EMPowerplus

Water—you can’t live without it.

Practically every bodily function—cleansing, healing, building, and life-giving—depends on water. Water is critical in the digestion process, nutrient absorption, the nutrient transportation, and toxin removal. If you want to get the most out of your EMPowerplus consumption, drinking enough water may be a great place to start.

The dangers of dehydration go beyond poor nutrient absorption since water plays such a crucial role in removing waste from our tissues. In our society, we are exposed to hundreds of harmful substances each day. Unfortunately, we can’t keep all toxins from entering our body, but we can help our body remove them by drinking plenty of fresh water.

How can you ensure you consume enough water especially during the heat of summer?

Drink water regularly, whether you’re thirsty or not because your body’s thirst indicator can sometimes be inaccurate. Many people mistake thirst for hunger and may not actually feel thirsty until they have become dehydrated.

Remember, while you’re providing great nutrition for your body and mind with EMPowerplus, provide the tools for distribution by taking your supplements with plenty of water.