How tobacco use affects EMPowerplus

Truehope participants often ask us how the use of tobacco could affect how EMPowerplus works in the body.

Tobacco is a central nervous system stimulant, and its effects on the health of the mind and body are like that of other stimulants that we recommend against using.

Any substance that stimulates the central nervous system will negatively impact central nervous system function and EMPowerplus effectiveness to some degree or another. Stimulants affect central nervous system operation by disrupting an individual’s bio-chemical state.

Just as tobacco use affects EMPowerplus usage, there may be a reverse effect, too. A 2013 New Zealand study actually found that EMPowerplus may help in reducing—or even eliminating—tobacco use. Plus, if you include Truehope Amino Power in your treatment protocol, you could reduce withdrawal symptoms.

If you’re using tobacco and are trying to quit or would like to quit, visit the Canadian Lung Association website for information and tips, including picking a quit date and what to do on your quit date. And remember to include EMPowerplus and Amino Power in your quitting strategy.