Do alcohol and EMPowerplus mix?

The short answer is no.

Alcohol interferes with the central nervous system operation in a powerful way. Many researchers have studied alcohol and its use and how they affect CNS disorders.

Consider the following excerpts from several research studies:

“Intoxication with brain depressants, especially alcohol, can cause clinically relevant changes in mood, with prolonged intoxication likely to induce depressive symptoms that resemble those seen in major depressive disorder.”1

“Depression may be engendered with the use of alcohol by reducing CNS catecholamine  levels.”2

“Alcohol use may increase brain serotonin levels, and may have a reversal effect as its effects wear off, creating a vicious cycle of self medicating.”3

These findings probably come as no surprise. Anyone who suffers with a mood disorder has likely self-medicated with one thing or another, including alcohol.

The problem is that alcohol in particular has a powerful effect on the CNS, and the same is true with EMPowerplus. As a result, the two just don’t mix. If you’re making the transition to EMPowerplus, then alcohol should have no place in your wellness program, especially if you’re still using alcohol as an unofficial form of medication.

Set a goal to cut and/or end your alcohol consumption. Doing so will allow EMPowerplus to work faster and more effectively for you.

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