Why free support makes a difference with EMPowerplus

Having supported people in the Truehope program for nearly 20 years has offered us a lot of insight. Switching to micronutrients from medication (or taking them in conjunction with each other) can be intimidating.

You don’t have to try it alone. Over 85% of clients who have used our one-on-one phone support reduced or avoided withdrawal symptoms, side effects, and uncomfortable adverse drug reactions when beginning the EMPowerplus Advanced program.

Our free support Includes:

  1. One-on-one dedicated Success Coach to talk you through:
    • Withdrawals
    • Adverse drug reactions
    • Communicating with your doctor
    • Medication side-effects
    • Symptom management
  2. Online symptom trackers
  3. Interactive message boards with other Truehope participants

Once you order EMPowerplus Advanced, a Truehope Success Coach will follow-up with you by phone to see if you’d like some support. Whether you need just a little guidance or a lot of help, your success coach will be there for you.

Your success coach will help you navigate any side effects you may experience, as well as answer questions like “Are my withdrawal symptoms normal?” or “What should I do if I have a panic attack while coming off my meds?”

Having a success coach talk to you about how to wean off of your meds (and when to reduce them) will ensure a much higher chance of success and will help you reach your goal of addressing the core issues, rather than covering the symptoms up with medications.