4 reasons our support program succeeds

Truehope’s program consists of two main parts: our flagship formulation, EMPowerplus, and our support team. The Truehope Support team works with participants and doctors in managing the transition to micronutrients.

The support team works closely with participants to make sure they don’t take too much or too little EMPowerplus, and for those who eventually wean off medication, they make sure the weaning is done safely, at a reasonable rate, and under the supervision of their health care provider.

Here are the four components of our support program that make it successful.

  1. Well-established protocol that you can use and adapt to meet your individual needs
  2. Individualized reporting system using on-line, standard psychiatric reporting charts for you to access and monitor.
  3. Truehope Support call centre, available free of charge, on an unlimited basis, 8:00–17:00 (Mountain Time), Monday to Friday. The Truehope Support call centre is staffed by highly trained, non-medical professionals familiar with the use of EMPowerplus. The call centre is available to you and your doctor.
  4. mytruehope.net, a website for registered EMPowerplus™ users, includes an online support group message board and more detailed information about the program.

Truehope’s EMPowerplus, as well as its systems and protocol, are the results of university and field research. Each has been designed using our experience and the knowledge of qualified research advisors.

To find out more, please contact us at 1.888.TRUEHOPE or support@truehope.com.