8 benefits of using a Truehope support person

One of the things that sets Truehope apart from other micronutrient providers is our professional support program. Having been in business for over 18 years, we’ve helped over 100,000 people find hope, happiness, and health.

Here are 8 ways Truehope success coaches can benefit you when you join the Truehope program.

1. Our support representatives are experienced.

As we mentioned above, our support representatives have been helping people for nearly 20 years, and in the process, we’ve played a critical role in improving the lives of over 100,000 people around the world.

2. Our support representatives are trained.

Our support representatives go through a comprehensive and intensive training program developed using the knowledge and experience we‘ve gained in nearly 2 decades of working with tens of thousands of people. This training was also developed in collaboration with researchers and mental health professionals.

3. Our support representatives contact you right away.

Shortly after you place your first order of EMPowerplus, one of our support representatives will follow up with you by phone and email to see if you’d like to take advantage of our innovative and customized support program.

4. You receive a dedicated support team.

If you decide to sign up, we’ll assign a support team specifically to you. This team will be your main point of contact and will become familiar with you and your challenges.

5. Our support representatives will help you through challenges.

Your support team will be there to encourage and advise you through any challenges you face during your time in the Truehope program, including drug withdrawal, communicating with your mental health provider, medication side effects, and symptom management.

6. Your support team can help you transition to EMPowerplus.

If you decide to transition from medication to EMPowerplus, your support team will help you trough the transition, which will be safer and more effective than if you tried doing it alone.

7. Your support team can help you manage medication and EMPowerplus.

If you decide to use medication concurrently with EMPowerplus, that’s fine, too, and our support representatives can help you with that. As we mentioned above, they’re familiar with how EMPowerplus interacts with popular medications and will help you manage your program to avoid adverse reactions.

8. Your support team will tailor the support you receive.

Whether you need a lot of support or a little, our support representatives will be there for you, providing any help you need.

The support program is what differentiates Truehope from simple multivitamin solutions, and it is the key to the success Truehope participants have enjoyed over the years.

Are you already a Truehope participant? How has our support program made a difference for you? Tell us in the comments below.