How does the Truehope free support program work?

Did you know that all Truehope participants are eligible to receive free support to help make their transition to micronutrients easier?

In fact, over 85% of participants who used our one-on-one phone support reduced or avoided withdrawal symptoms, side effects, and uncomfortable adverse drug reactions.

Our comprehensive support program is one-of-a-kind and is one of the reasons our program is better than generic multivitamins. The free support includes:

  • A one-on-one dedicated success coach to help with:
      • Withdrawals
      • Adverse drug reactions
      • Communicating with your doctor
      • Side-effects
      • Symptom management
  • Essential online symptoms tracker and analysis tools
  • Interactive message boards to communicate with other Truehope participants

As soon as you order EMPowerplus Advanced, your Truehope success coach will follow up with you by phone and email to start you on your personalized support program. Your program will be customized for you, providing as much support as you need while taking EMPowerplus Advanced with medication or transitioning to it from medication.

Our support centre has been helping tens of thousands of Truehope participants around the world for nearly 20 years.

Your personal success coach will be well-versed in helping you navigate any side-effects you may experience and can answer such questions as “Are my withdrawal symptoms normal?” or “What should I do if I have a panic attack while coming off my meds?”

Having an experienced and knowledgeable support coach will ensure a higher chance of success and help you reach your goal of addressing the core issues, rather than covering the symptoms up with medication.