Should Truehope customers self-medicate with EMPowerplus?

Many, if not most, of our 80,000 customers have grown tired of the side effects or became frustrated with the ineffectiveness of the medications they had been taking prior to learning about Truehope. They wanted something that provided actual relief.

Many of these types of customers have been looking for solutions alternative to their SSRI medications, and have tried numerous treatments (especially nutritional supplementation) before coming to Truehope. In fact, some have even gone off their conventional medications while trying to find a working solution they can be comfortable with.

People who go off conventional medication and try to treat themselves alternatively often do so on their own. They decide themselves what and how much to take. They also decide arbitrarily whether the solution is working based on their own measurements.
Empowering people is at the core of what we do. It’s even in the name of our flagship product, EMPowerplus. We will always be committed to helping people take control of their own health.

That being said, self-medicating while taking EMPowerplus can be risky.

A common initial response to EMPowerplus that new customers experience is an increase in medication side effects. As EMPowerplus starts to provide nutritional support for mental well-being, it can bring out residual medication stored in the body, intensifying the reaction to the medication. Working with the Truehope support team can mitigate those effects, allowing customers to efficiently and safely transition to EMPowerplus.

Those who self-medicate with EMPowerplus also risk thinking it doesn’t work after trying it for a short time. While EMPowerplus has helped some customers in as little as 2–4 weeks, many of our customers require several months before they start to see significant reduction in medication side effects and a significant increase in mental well-being. Working with the Truehope support team can help customers recognize progress they’re making, even if it’s only incremental.

The support team is a crucial component of the Truehope wellness program. They support Truehope customers: monitoring their progress, following up regularly, answering questions, working with doctors, and so on. The support program, which is for all intents and purposes free, is one of the things that sets us apart from generic multivitamins. Granted, we believe our four-step production process results in a product superior to generic multivitamins, but our support team makes us rise to the top.

In addition, we work closely with mental health practitioners whenever possible. By making sure Truehope experts provide support over the phone and that mental health practitioners provide support in person, we help our customers find success as effectively as possible.