Amber’s success story: ADHD

Truehope HQ

Amber has lived with ADHD since she was a small child, and she has spent most of her life on medication. While on medication, she had tried taking her own life several times, the final time ending up hospitalized while in a coma. Discovering Truehope has helped her live a life she thought was never within her reach and has dispelled the constant despair that once permeated her life. Continue reading

Truehope discontinuing OMEGA Power


We announce that we will no longer be producing Truehope OMEGA Power.

Recently, we have noticed that Truehope OMEGA Power has dropped in popularity amongst our participants.

OMEGA Power was a blend of fish oils and omega-3 fatty acids from 100% wild North Atlantic salmon, mackerel, anchovy, and sardine.

The benefits of a concentrated omega-3 supplement are well-known and can positively affect heart health, metabolism, and inflammation.

We have tried to avoid cancelling production of this product as long as we could, but unfortunately, we no longer sell enough OMEGA Power to even pay for the cost of production.

We still have a limited quantity in stock, and we will continue offering OMEGA Power as long as supplies last.

Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience.

An open letter to the family and friends of Robin Williams

An open letter to the family and friends of Robin Williams

Losing a loved one is a heartbreaking, tragic experience. It’s particularly difficult when it happens abruptly. It changes your world and affects who you are. It leaves you with more questions than answers.

20 years ago, the Truehope family lost someone who was dear to us. Debbie was wife to Anthony Stephan, our founder. She struggled for years with the effects bipolar had on her mind and her heart.

Then one day, she was gone. Continue reading

5 healthy behaviours to reduce depression

5 healthy behaviours to reduce depression

German researchers recently published an article in European Journal of Public Health exploring the connection between health behaviours and mental health. Unsurprisingly, those with more healthy behaviours appeared to have better mental health.

The researchers analyzed cross-sectional data of over 39,000 women and men, looking for those who reported having depression and mental distress. They then checked those individuals to see how many were implementing these 5 healthy behaviours in their lives: Continue reading

6 people with depression speak out on their success with Truehope

6 people with depression speak out on their success with Truehope

Having been in business for nearly 20 years, we’ve helped tens of thousands of people find happiness, hope, and healing.

One of the most common challenges Truehope participants face is depression. Here are just 6 stories from participants with depression. Read how EMPowerplus changed their lives, and see if any of it sounds familiar to you. Continue reading