A California psychiatrist speaks out on her success with EMPowerplus

A California psychiatrist speaks out on her success with EMPowerplus

A few years ago, Alberta Views ran an article about EMPowerplus. In it, California psychiatrist, Estelle Goldstein shared her experience using EMpowerplus in her professional practice.

Some doctors trained in traditional psychiatric medicine have already waded in beyond the shoreline of convention. “I just love getting up to go to work,” says psychiatrist Estelle Goldstein. “It’s very satisfying to see [mental illness] symptoms recede, and to see them recede without side effects is even better. But the life changes that go over and above the change expected to come with the alleviation of symptoms . . . it’s just very, very exciting.” She’s talking about the people she sees in her psychiatry practice, people she now treats primarily with an array of natural health products—of which she says EMPowerplus is now the cornerstone.

Goldstein, who has served residencies in general surgery, neurosurgery and psychiatry, and fellowships in neurology and psychopharmacology, was a big fan of psychopharmacology . . . at least until she found herself in “some serious metabolic misery.” She learned about natural approaches to health, and found, much to her surprise, that the topic of nutritional therapies was backed by sound science and discussed even in mainstream medical journals. Wanting to apply her newly discovered knowledge to psychiatry, she stumbled upon Truehope through the research conducted by Dr. Kaplan at the U of C.

“I opened Pandora’s box,” laughs Goldstein. “I called Bonnie [Kaplan] and asked if this stuff really works, and she told me ‘You bet it does!’ Which it does, though I have to insert a disclaimer here. Not everyone responds equally, and I don’t use only EMPowerplus. I use it in conjunction with essential fatty acids and specific amino acids, and, when patients still don’t respond fully, a holistic approach that addresses related underlying health and metabolic disorders. But still, I see so much I never dreamed I’d see. I’ve been in practice for 17 years and I’m amazed with the results I see. These nutrients get past the blood/brain barrier and they work.”

Did you know that we have over 5,000 medical professionals who work with us and EMPowerplus?

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Amber’s success story: ADHD

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Truehope discontinuing OMEGA Power

We announce that we will no longer be producing Truehope OMEGA Power.

Recently, we have noticed that Truehope OMEGA Power has dropped in popularity amongst our participants.

OMEGA Power was a blend of fish oils and omega-3 fatty acids from 100% wild North Atlantic salmon, mackerel, anchovy, and sardine.

The benefits of a concentrated omega-3 supplement are well-known and can positively affect heart health, metabolism, and inflammation.

We have tried to avoid cancelling production of this product as long as we could, but unfortunately, we no longer sell enough OMEGA Power to even pay for the cost of production.

We still have a limited quantity in stock, and we will continue offering OMEGA Power as long as supplies last.

Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience.