6 studies around the world linking fruit & veggies with mental health

6 studies around the world linking fruit & veggies with mental health

Over the last few years, researchers have become more open to the idea that diet and mental health are inextricably linked. Several studies have demonstrated that connection.

One common thread among these studies is the importance of fresh fruits and vegetables in one’s diet. This makes sense since fresh fruits and vegetables (especially in substantial quantities and varieties) are rich in the vitamins and minerals needed for proper brain function.

Here are 6 studies that specifically connect fresh fruits and vegetable (as well as a few other healthy foods) with positive mental health. Continue reading

How the body stores drugs

How the body stores drugs

Mary* was feeling great! She was no longer taking medications which made her feel emotionally numb and clouded. She felt clear-headed and stable, something she had not felt for a long time.

The Truehope program was really working!

She felt energized and motivated, so she began to go jogging. She wanted to improve her health and lose some of the weight she had gained over the last year. All at once her symptoms began to backslide.

When Mary called Truehope, her support person helped her to look up the side effects of her previous medications. Sure enough, those were the symptoms she was feeling.

Mary’s experience is not unique. Continue reading


Better than a spoonful of sugar: how to swallow pills

For those who have a hard time swallowing pills, here is a promising solution!

Dr. Bonnie Kaplan and her students at the University of Calgary have developed and tested ways to assist people who have a difficult time swallowing pills.

By using pill-sized candy and by teaching various head positions when swallowing, Dr. Kaplan and her students even had success with participants “who had never successfully swallowed a pill in spite of much instruction and coaxing”.

In fact, their methods were so effective that participants who practiced and followed the researchers’ guidelines were consistently able to swallow pills successfully by the end of a two-week training period.

Click here to watch Dr. Kaplan’s training videos which give step-by-step instructions on how to become an expert pill swallower.


Truehope HQ

Cara’s success story

My name is Cara, and I was first introduced to EMPowerplus about 8 years ago. At that time, we had 3 small children and I was a full-time mom.

All mothers struggle in raising little children, and the things I had struggled with daily since the birth of our first child were no different than anyone else’s struggles. Or so I thought.

Some days I felt I could cope and be a great mom; other days I wondered why no one had told me that this was what it was really like to have children. I tried hard to appear as though I had things all under control, but in reality, things were getting more and more out of my control. My patience level fluctuated greatly, I found myself yelling at my kids—uncontrollably at times (something I had vowed I would never do)—many days I would wake up very angry at everyone and everything, and I blamed my poor husband for pretty much everything. I was unable to cope well with struggles we were having, and continually blew things out of proportion.

I became a walking bomb, keeping my anger all wrapped up inside until I couldn’t handle things at all. And then I would blow up. Of course I felt very justified in my major mood swings, anger, and blame, but as things got progressively worse, I knew I needed help.

I was told about the vitamins and minerals, but wasn’t convinced that they would help me. I decided to try the vitamins, and after a month of taking them, decided that it wasn’t doing me any good. It wasn’t until I stopped taking the EMPowerplus that I noticed myself changing, not for the better, but back to how I had been.

I noticed my patience level diminishing, I started yelling at my kids again, little things that shouldn’t really matter, did matter—a lot—and I could feel the anger coming back. It wasn’t until I recognized that things were slipping back again that I acknowledged that I really had improved. I began taking the EMPowerplus again and gradually got better and better. It was exciting to me, as I started to really enjoy being a mom for the first time.

We had our fourth child, and although I felt a lot better, I still felt like my health wasn’t quite where it should be. We talked about having another child, but six months after the birth of our fourth child, I became very sick. I was tired beyond exhaustion. I developed food intolerances, and began to lose a lot of weight, quickly. Initially I was excited for the weight loss, but when I continued to lose more and more weight I became frightened. After being told by my doctor that there was nothing medically wrong with me according to my blood work and his assessments, I knew I had to take my health into my own hands.

After doing a lot of research, and talking with my sister who was treating systemic Candida, I started treating myself for Candida. I upped my EMPowerplus, and started taking GreenBAC (probiotic), as well as Olive Leaf Extract (OLE). My energy levels returned, my food intolerances went away, I stopped losing weight, and I started to feel better than I ever had.

I felt strongly that I needed to get my health in check before having another child, and for me, the combination of the EMPowerplus, GreenBAC, and OLE, helped me to get there.

We have now welcomed a new little addition into our home. Ethan is a content baby who loves to smile and interact with his siblings. He eats and sleeps well and has been very alert and focused on his surroundings, even right after his birth. I have no doubt that my being healthy gave Ethan a head start for his own health.

I am still taking EMPowerplus every day to keep myself healthy and to give Ethan what he needs as I nurse him. I also continue to take Truehope’s GreenBAC, and OLE. I feel better than I have after any of my other pregnancies and I can truly say that I am loving being a mom. I am a lot more patient with my kids, the anger is gone, my mood swings are minimal, and I can better keep things in perspective.

I used to wonder what it felt like to be truly happy. Now I know. Thank-you Truehope for helping me become the kind of mom I’ve always wanted to be.

—Cara R.