7 products that could change your life

Did you know that 2017 marks 21 years since Anthony Stephan founded Truehope?

Over the last 21 years, Truehope has helped over 200,000 people find hope, happiness, and health. through EMPowerplus, including its various versions. (Did you know the original EMPowerplus required over 30 capsules for the average participant?)

During that time, we also have introduced various other products to augment the work EMPowerplus does. Below is our current product lineup and what each one does.

Empowerplus Advanced

EMPowerplus Advanced consists of 36 minerals, vitamins, amino acids, and antioxidants designed to allow the body to rapidly absorb and utilize these essential nutrients for optimum physical and mental health.

AminoPower Advanced

AminoPower Advanced is a full-spectrum, pure-form amino acid blend uniquely balanced for human needs. It can be used as part of the Truehope Mental Wellness Program during the transition from psychiatric drugs to nutrients, or anytime as a daily amino acid supplement.


Truehope Inositol plays an important role as the structural basis for secondary messengers in eukaryotic cells. Truehope Inositol can help you relax. It is derived from non-GMO corn, and is gluten and additive free.


Phosphatidyl Choline is a phospholipid derived from soy, making it a completely natural substance. Truehope EMPowerplus users have found that choline can slow racing thoughts and address other troubling symptoms resulting from elevated mood.


Truehope GreenBAC is a rich blend of the 8 bacteria our digestive tract needs most, as well as botanicals, algae, enzymes, and nutrient-rich ingredients in an easily absorbable powder formulation designed to maintain and promote a healthy digestive system.

Olive Leaf Extract

Truehope OLE is a natural extract from the olive leaf, standardized to 17% oleuropein. The antibacterial, antifungal effects of oleuropein help reduce yeast and other pathogens from the body, which is important for healthy bowel and immune system function.

BMD Advanced

Truehope BMD is an optimal balance of bio-available nutrients necessary for healthy bones and teeth. Truehope BMD is an excellent calcium formulation as a stand alone product or in conjunction with EMPowerplus for those who want or may need additional calcium.

Contact Truehope to find out how these products can help you find hope, health, and happiness.

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