Announcing our new BMD formula

For years, Truehope participants have been depending on our Bone Mineral Density product known as BMD. We are pleased to announce that we have significantly modified and improved the value and effectiveness of our Truehope BMD formula to our customers.

Since the introduction and success of our advanced-chelating Apex Biosynthesis Conversion Technology*, now used with our flagship product EMPowerplus Advanced, our customers have experienced the same great results and satisfaction, while requiring fewer capsules per day. We have chosen to advance Truehope BMD using this same ABC Technology**, and now include zinc, copper and selenium along with the original formula.

Due to the increased number of ingredients and their performance in the new BMD Advanced formula, we have repackaged to a 180 tablet bottle. This will keep a month’s supply of the new BMD Advanced affordable for our customers.

We are confident customers will experience an even greater result and satisfaction when choosing BMD Advanced for greater bone, tooth, and connective tissue strength and health. Many of our participants also use BMD to counter osteoporosis symptoms and improve bowel function. Truehope BMD Advanced can be used on its own or in conjunctions with Truehope EMPowerplus.

To order, contact us at or at 1.888.TRUEHOPE.

*Because of the small amount of sodium incidental in the minor use of sodium phosphate when partially sourcing phosphorus, we no longer list sodium as an ingredient on the BMD label.

**Our Apex Biosynthesis Conversion Technology converts poorly-absorbable basic minerals into super-absorbable chelated minerals, delivering excellent nutrient performance for astounding results.

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