Truehope announces new EMPowerplus formula

We’re pleased to announce the latest technological breakthrough in the Truehope EMPowerplus formula: Truehope EMPowerplus Advanced.

Truehope participants already knew that the 4-step production method used to produce EMPowerplus makes it more absorbable than any other micronutrient on the market and one of the reasons why you cannot compare EMPowerplus to generic multivitamins.

When Truehope started producing EMPowerplus in 1996, most of our participants had to take 32 capsules per day! Our second advancement cut the dosage in half, allowing participants to take 15 capsules per day to get the same nutrients as 32 capsules provided.

Now, with Apex Biosynthesis Conversion Technology, we have managed to reduce the average dosage! Most of our participants will require only 8 capsules.

Truehope EMPowerplus Advanced was launched on 9 February 2013. For more information, contact Truehope at 888.878.3467. Remember, every person is different, and you may require fewer or more than 8 capsules. Contact your support person for more information.