How long does it take for Truehope to work?

From time to time, we come across people interested in EMPowerplus who’ve become frustrated with other solutions they’ve tried and that they felt didn’t work for them. They’re frustrated with being unable to manage their mental health and with solution after solution not seeming to work for them.

By the time they come to us, they can be desperate.

We must point out though that few of our customers experience immediate results. Most of them don’t see significant improvements in their mental health for several weeks, and some of them take several months.

No two people have exactly the same experience with starting EMPowerplus.

Factors such as age, general health, medication use, and lifestyle can all affect how well and how quickly EMPowerplus works for each person. While some may have a more difficult time at the beginning than others, we’ve seen even very heavily medicated people become well over time.

That being said, EMPowerplus is not a cure. It may make you feel better, and it may help you take control of your mental health, but like any solution, if you stop taking it, experiences and manifestations you had before will likely return.

EMPowerplus is a lifelong solution, and it’s best paired with lifelong, holistic lifestyle choices.

So will it provide immediate results? Probably not. Does it work? We sure think so.

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