How EMPowerplus changed the lives of these 5 people

From time to time, we receive testimonials from our valued participants sharing with us how our products and programs have been making a difference in their lives.

Here are just 5:

Within one month I noticed a difference in my thinking and how I felt. I’ve been taking the vitamins for about a year and nine months, and I feel awesome. The second best thing that could happen to me, besides Truehope, is to know that my story could help someone that is going through what I went through. Please don’t waste any more valuable time, like I did, thinking this will not work for you, because trust me it does. And the best part is, I can care for my family and myself. I am enjoying life, my life and the people in it, once again. I am blessed to be here with my loved ones, and I am thankful for that every day.


Since the day my 6-year-old son started EMPowerplus Advanced from Truehope, our lives have changed in unimaginable ways. He has been 100% mainstreamed with a general education first grade class. He no longer qualifies for Behavioral Services. The Emotionally Disturbed coding has been deleted. And he has made the A Honor Roll all year. He is on or above grade level in every subject. This, to me, is amazing, considering the chaos he dealt with his first 2 years of school.

The violent rages are no longer. The defiant behavior is gone. The mood swings are a thing of the past. The depression has been lifted. The anxiety has been forgotten. The bizarre behavior is no more. He’s no longer this hyper, manic child that bounces from wall to wall. And the absolute best part: HE SLEEPS! It’s a miracle straight from God!”


EMPowerplus Advanced was a true gift from God for me. To be able to walk, to sleep all night. To be calm and without anger. To communicate my needs. To be able to hold my wife’s hand. To be able to accept a hug from my grandson and love him in return. We take so much for granted. EMPowerplus Advanced has performed a true miracle for me.

—Chuck S

True hope! The name is not a false one. Our family has been blessed with a hope that has turned our lives around! We ordered the EMPowerplus Advanced and started talking with the wonderful people that would be not only Allicia’s life-line back to sanity, but a wonderful support to her father and me as well. Allicia is taking EMPowerplus Advanced and knows that she can now function without the excruciating effects of the other drugs. We thank God that you exist.”

—Jean R

My journey toward mental wellness began February 12, 200, with 3 EMPowerplus Advanced capsules. The next day, I woke with a feeling of calm I have never before known. After four 4 on the program, I was able to get and keep a part-time job and after a year started my own business. The micronutrients in EMPowerplus Advanced have literally given me a new life.

—Deborah F.

Would you like to feel awesome, as Vicki does?  Or experience miracles, as Chuck and Nicki have. Or find a new life, as Deborah has?

Try EMPowerplus, an all-natural and safe combination of 36 vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and amino acids designed to support mental and physical well being. Did you know that Truehope EMPowerplus is the most researched micronutrient formula in the world, that it has been the subject of over 30 clinical, peer-reviewed studies performed by third-party, independent researchers?