Nearly 50 independent researchers have studied Truehope EMPowerplus

Shortly after Truehope founder, Anthony Stephan, discovered the Truehope formula, he realized it was critical that his discovery was validated by science. He finally found a researcher at the University of Calgary who was willing (but reluctant) to try EMPowerplus in a pilot study.

16 years later, the EMPowerplus formula has been the subject of 32 academic papers, including case-control designs, case studies using with-subject crossover designs, open-label case series, case reports with extensive historical treatment information, large database analyses, randomized controlled trials, and double-blind trials. And we’re still not satisfied. We’re excited sure, but we want as much research as possible to confirm our anecdotal experiences, so we have several other studies underway.

What all of this research has in common is that we have never paid a penny to any of the 49 researchers at 15 universities around the world who have studied our formula. This is important to us.

It’s important to us that those who research the EMPowerplus formula do so out of a sincere desire to prove its validity. It’s important to us that research on the EMPowerplus formula is never influenced by how much money we donate to the research. It’s important to us that the EMPowerplus research is as objective as possible.

If you agree with us, why not check out our research?