Is EMPowerplus safe for children?

The short answer is yes.

EMPowerplus is an all-natural formula of 36 vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and antioxidants designed to support physical and mental wellness. It contains no filler, no allergens, and no artificial additives.

In fact, researchers from California and two Alberta universities published in 2011 a BMC Psychiatry article entitled “Systematic review of safety and tolerability of a complex micronutrient formula used in mental health”.

Their review of all available safety data on EMPowerplus revealed that “there was not a single reported occurrence of a clinically meaningful negative outcome/effect or an abnormal blood test that could be attributed to toxicity.” In other words, EMPowerplus is not toxic.

That being said, researchers acknowledged that combining psychiatric drugs with EMPowerplus has serious safety challenges:

Based on the limited information in individuals treated with medication, we recommend that, notwithstanding our findings of general safety of the formula when used in medication-free patients, use of multi-nutrient formulations as an adjunct should be monitored closely and with full attention to the possibility that optimum dosing of psychotropic agents may require significant adjustments.


This is why we recommend that all participants work with their healthcare providers when using EMPowerplus, particularly if they had been previously (or still are) taking psychotropic medication.

We know that taking tablets or capsules can be difficult for young children. It’s why we introduced EMPowerplus in powder form. You can use it in smoothies and other foods in which you would normally use a powdered supplement.

Because we use plant-based proteins in our powders, they’re perfect for vegetarian and vegan diets. They also they have no yeast, soy, sugar, nuts, eggs, sulphites, or wheat, avoiding the most popular dietary allergens.


Several articles have been published by researchers who have studied children using EMPowerplus:

So, the long answer is also yes.