Research shows EMPowerplus reduces ADHD symptoms in children

Last month, researchers in New Zealand and the United States published a study in the Journal of Child and Adolescent Psychopharmacology that shows great promise in using nutrition to reduce ADHD symptoms in children.

The researchers followed 14 children between the ages of 8 and 12 for 6 months. Each child had a baseline assessment, including hematology and biochemistry screening, at the outset. Then they took EMPowerplus capsules (up to a maximum of 15 per day) for an 8-week period. Researchers stopped the treatment for a 4-week period, then conducted another 8-week treatment phase, and finished with a second 4-week withdrawal period.

What the researchers discovered was that during the 8-week treatment periods, the children saw a reduction in ADHD symptoms, improved mood, and improved overall function. Plus, they found the opposite during the withdrawal period: deteriorating symptoms, mood, and overall function. In fact, 71% of the children saw at least a 30% decrease in ADHD symptoms by the time the second treatment phase finished.

Finally, researchers also found that side effects were only mild and transitory and that blood analysis showed no safety issues with the treatment.

This is great news, adding to a growing body of nearly 30 studies showing that EMPowerplus is a clinically significant tool for mental health professionals to use in their treatment for mental health issues.

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