5 bipolar success stories without medication

Having been in business for nearly 25 years, we’ve helped hundreds of thousands of people find happiness, hope, and healing.

One of the most common challenges Truehope participants face is bipolar. Here are just 5 stories from participants with bipolar. Read how EMPowerplus changed their lives, and see if any of it sounds familiar to you.

1. Christie

Years ago, Christie had been diagnosed with bipolar. She started EMPowerplus about 13 years ago, and it has changed her life. It has also made a difference in her children’s lives.

2. Dawn

For nearly 40 years, Dawn has been dealing excess energy, emptiness, violent outbursts, yearning for acceptance, and even the voices in her head. Medication took the edge off but didn’t provide relief. Then a friend told her about Truehope.

3. Suzanne

When her bipolar manifested itself in her early adulthood, Suzanne had no idea what was happening to her. She was eventually diagnosed with bipolar, and a long line of prescriptions drugs followed, none of which provided long-lasting relief. EMPowerplus, however, has given her the life and health she used to think was for others.

4. Andy

After being diagnosed with bipolar at the age of 22, Andy tried every possible medication to manage it. He finally found one that worked—sort of. It brought serious side effects, and he ended up hospitalized 5 times. Today, Truehope has provided him with a new sense of purpose and helped recognized the innate love he has for others.

5. Damon

Damon shares the story of his wife Shannon, who was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. She had struggled for years on medication, but within days on EMPowerplus, started noticing positive change. Today, Shannon is finally enjoying life, having fun, getting out and doing things.

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