Christie’s success story: bipolar

Years ago, Christie had been diagnosed with bipolar. She started EMPowerplus about 13 years ago, and it has changed her life. It has also made a difference in her children’s lives.

I’ve been on EMPowerplus for 13 years, and it has changed my life!

I have just had my second child and have now completed our happy family! I think the best thing about True Hope is not the fact that it has changed my life but the fact that it has changed the life my children could have had.

My children currently show no signs of any mental health issues, and I am constantly being told how bright my 5 year old is and how alert my 3 month old is! My children are “advanced”, but I am partial! I chalk it all up to the fact that while I was pregnant with them, I nurtured their mental development and helped to supply their little growing bodies with the nutrients that they so badly needed by taking EMPowerplus!

Thank you for all you do and the support I have receive over the last 13 years! Thank you for changing my life and the lives of my beautiful children!