Dawn’s success story: bipolar

For nearly 40 years, Dawn has been dealing excess energy, emptiness, violent outbursts, yearning for acceptance, and even the voices in her head. Medication took the edge off but didn’t provide relief. Then a friend told her about Truehope.

I am 38.

There’s no point when I remember it beginning. It was always there, and I knew others didn’t have it. I was strong, intense, and animated. At times, I was energetic. At times, I was empty. There were these times of violent outbursts, and yet always wanting to connect, to feel acceptance.

The worst times came from nowhere and were relentless: “kill yourself”. It could happen while washing the dishes, driving a car, or listening to someone talk. I got used to this way of life. I had one suicide attempt as a teenager, but since that point I just lived with it.

When I married, I found someone I connected with, someone who we later found out was bipolar. We had 2 children, who were also severe bipolar. My life was chaos. I was falling apart, chipping away, and I was afraid that one day I might not be able to talk the voices back. I went on medication. It became workable. The voices were still there. My life was still chaos, but I had some control. I lived just this side of oblivion.

One day, a friend, who had bipolar children, told me about EMPowerplus. I was skeptical. I had tried everything. I had always taken vitamins. How could this work? Trust me. It did, and fast.

The process of coming off the medicine and relying solely on EMPowerplus, for me, was fast and hard. The support team was fantastic. The charts were pure genius. They allowed the support team to recognize things I may have missed. They guided and informed me every step of the way as to how to find mental wellness.

I guess one of the first things I noticed is that I drove to a big city on the interstate, something I don’t do. I was calm. My heart wasn’t racing. I then noticed how much calmer I was becoming. I wasn’t worrying. Then one day, I realized the voices were gone. They were really gone. After a lifetime of battering me, they weren’t there.

The way I look at the future is different, brighter, and more hopeful. I am eternally grateful to the wonderful people who have dedicated their lives to giving back our lives to us.

Thank you!