How much EMPowerplus should I be taking?

A common question we get from new and potential customers is how much EMPowerplus to take each day. This is a difficult question to answer; it’s too complex of an issue to give a simple, inclusive solution.

Mental health disorders affect everyone differently, influenced by environment, genetics, neurotransmitter levels, severity, and so forth. So if mental health disorders affect each person differently, it would make sense that there’s no across-the-board solution for managing them.

This is why it’s also important that persons with mental disorders approach management of those disorders holistically when seeking out solutions, being sure to include diet, exercise, lifestyle,  professional help, meditation, and so on.

Other factors that affect EMPowerplus dosages include the initial response to EMPowerplus, nutrient sensitivities, transitioning from SSRIs, use of prescription drugs, smoking, use of supplements, and so on.

The great variability in the way mental disorders affect each person and how each person responds to EMPowerplus is further reason why we have a support team in place to help find what dosage is right for each individual. It’s also why we urge Truehope customers to work closely with their mental health care professionals while using EMPowerplus.

So how much EMPowerplus should you take? Well, it depends.

Either way, your Truehope Support person can help you — free of charge — find the dosage that’s right for you.

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