Can micronutrients reduce stress & anxiety after a flood?

Four researchers in Canada and New Zealand recently published an article in Psychiatry Research investigating the effects of the EMPowerplus formula on mental health following a natural disaster.

In June 2013, many communities in southern Alberta were devastated by widespread flooding. Knowing that EMPowerplus had shown great benefit to mental health among earthquake survivors a few years prior, the researchers hoped to see similar results in this natural disaster.

Researchers recruited 56 adults and randomly assigned them to receive either a vitamin D supplement, a B-complex supplement, or the EMPowerplus formulation (in this case, EMP, our Canadian retail product). Then they monitored self-reported changes for 6 weeks.

What the research showed was that those on the B complex supplement and those on the EMPowerplus formulation reported substantial improvement in stress and anxiety compared to those taking just vitamin D.

This further illustrates the importance of broad-based nutrient solutions for addressing mental health challenges, something the research has been indicating for some time.