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Having supported people in the Truehope program for over 20 years has offered us a lot of insight. Switching to micronutrients from medication (or taking them in conjunction with each other) can be intimidating.

You don’t have to try it alone. Over 85% of clients who have used our one-on-one phone support reduced or avoided withdrawal symptoms, side effects, and uncomfortable adverse drug reactions when beginning the EMPowerplus Advanced program.

In addition to the free, one-on-one, personalized phone support, Truehope offers a participant website at

Here are 5 reasons for Truehope participants to use

  1. Symptom evaluation charts
  2. Personalized medication lists
  3. Symptom journal
  4. Symptoms analysis tools.
  5. Discussion forums, where you can share your experiences, ask questions, and receive peer support

Using all the tools available on will make your participation in the Truehope program smoother, and it will keep your one-on-one support team updated on the progress you make in your wellness journey.

If you have any questions about, contact your support person at 1.888.TRUEHOPE.