4 things that can affect academic performance in teens

Earlier this month, Greek researchers published a study inĀ Mediterranean Journal of Nutrition and Metabolism showing that following 4 lifestyle practices could improve academic performance in teens.

The researchers recruited over 500 teen participants in Athens, Greece. They measured adherence to the Mediterranean diet, physical activity, anxiety, attitude toward health, and academic performance.

What they found was that the following 4 factors were significant in predicting performance in teenagers:

  1. Eating meals with family
  2. Adhering to the Mediterranean diet
  3. Soft drink consumption
  4. Smoking

Specifically, the researchers discoveredĀ that when teens ate few meals with family, poorly adhered to the Mediterranean diet, consumed a lot of soft drinks, and smoked, it negatively affected their academic performance.

This research joins an ever-growing body of studies showing that a healthy lifestyle contributes to mental wellness.

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