Your Natural Aid To Help With Anxiety: Inositol

You’ve more than likely dealt with anxiety in your lifetime. A recent SingleCare survey found that 62% of respondents have experienced some degree of anxiety. Of those who live with anxiety on a regular basis, over 40% have a mild impairment due to it, while over 20% have serious impairments in their day-to-day lives.

What Causes Anxiety?

There are many things that can cause increased anxiety in our lives. The simple hustle and bustle of most people’s everyday life is typically enough to induce some triggers of anxiousness. Additionally, medical conditions such as thyroid disorders, heart disease, and diabetes have been linked to an increased prevalence of anxiety.

Another factor that many people pass over when thinking about anxiety is general nutrition. Research has shown that mental health issues are most likely caused by nutritional deficiencies. When our body isn’t getting what it needs to run at peak performance, issues such as anxiety arise.

How Truehope Inositol Can Help

Truehope’s Inositol is a food-derived supplement that plays an essential role in helping cells deliver messages to hormones and neurotransmitters. The Inositol supplement promotes proper cellular function within the brain and central nervous system, therefore promoting a healthy mood and mental balance.

For more than a decade, Truehope Inositol has been used in conjunction with EMPowerplus to eliminate the symptoms of anxiety, compulsive behaviors, insomnia, and various mood disorders. Inositol is calming yet non-drowsy and may aid blood sugar control by improving insulin sensitivity.

Give your mind and body the break they deserve from the stress of the world in a natural way by adding Truehope Inositol to your supplement regimen today.