Your Child’s Brain Will Thank You For More Fruits & Veggies

As we enter into the holiday season, people all over the country will count their blessings and be mindful of what they’re thankful for during Thanksgiving. The holidays also bring along with it delicious treats and excess eating, but that’s a topic to discuss another time.

Today we’re talking about the youth of the nation and their eating habits. As we recently discussed on the Truehope blog, the American diet is broken, with less than 3 percent of Americans living what is considered a “healthy lifestyle.” And, unfortunately, the unhealthy choices and decision making tactics by the adults in this world are more than likely being passed down to the children that they are raising.

Just like teachers in the public school system are tasked with educating our children on topics such as math, history, and science, there are also lessons that need to be taught to our children in regards to health. Now, the question is: are you setting a great example for your child?

More Fruits and Vegetables = Better Mental Wellbeing

If most American adults are making bad food and overall health choices throughout the day, it’s safe to assume that the children they are raising will also fall into the same type of cycle as they grow older. That’s why it’s so important to make conscious, healthy decisions now; not only to instill the “healthy” lifestyle mindset into your children from the start, but also because your children will have better mental health because of it.

A recent study found that children who have diets with higher amounts of fruits and vegetables also had better mental wellbeing. Further, that same study found that “nutrition had as much or more of an impact on wellbeing as factors such as witnessing regular arguing or violence at home.”

When raising children, it’s important to build a strong foundation to set them up on a path for success in the future, and research study after research study continues to show that good nutrition is paramount to not only the overall health of our children, but specifically the mental health–a crisis that continues to grow each and every day.

Do yourself a favor and start taking steps toward eating more fruits and vegetables. Not only will this help you and your body, but it sets the expectation of healthy eating choices for your children as well.